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Miami Dolphins

The Rundown: Scouting Staff Breaks Down Undrafted Rookie Free Agents

The Dolphins announced their **class of undrafted rookie free agents**, and it includes three offensive linemen, three defensive linemen, three cornerbacks, two wide receivers, two linebackers, one running back, one tight end, one safety and one long-snapper.

Members of the Dolphins scouting staff provided a quick scouting report on each player:

RB Patrick Laird, California

"Patrick is an interesting guy because he's a running back that produced in all phases of the game, as a receiver, as a runner and as a blocker. One of the most interesting things about Patrick is he's a better person off the field than he is as a player, and what I mean is he started a process for underprivileged kids to get books and tutorials out in in California that really took off and got the community behind him and got a lot of underprivileged kids reading out there in the Oakland area, which is tremendous."

— Assistant General Manager Marvin Allen

WR Trenton Irwin, Stanford

"Trenton is an interesting guy. Great route runner. Great hands. This guy just kind of knows how to play football. Fun personality. He's a gritty, tough football player who's our type of guy. "

— Adam Engroff, co-director of player personnel

WR Preston Williams, Colorado State

"One of the few five-star recruits that you'll be able to get through the system that came out. He's tremendously talented, a receiver makes plays, using his length, does a great job of adjusting his body. He's a playmaker."

— Marvin Allen

TE Chris Myarik, Temple

"Tough, physical, throwback tight end. He's one of the old-school, get-in-your-face and create run lanes; he's not a down-the-field pass-catching tight end. He's more of the old-school, tough, gritty guy that likes to get in there and fight and just compete with guys in line."

— Marvin Allen

C Ryan Anderson, Wake Forest

"What stood out most is the versatility throughout his career. He's a three-year starter. He played center his senior year, guard, tackle. I mean, you've got a guy that's 6-5 with height and length. The fact is versatility intrigued us about this player and getting him as a free agent, we think he can be a guy that can fill in and play different spots."

— Senior national scout Ron Brockington

T Aaron Monteiro, Boston College

"Got to see him play live at BC. It was a Saturday night and they were playing Clemson and I think for a guy to face Clelin Ferrell, who's a talented player who went fourth in the draft, I think he did a good job holding his own. It intrigued me that he was available as a PFA. He played in a fast conference, he faced good rushers, so I'm really excited about that player going forward."

— Ron Brockington

G Shaq Calhoun, Mississippi State

"Big school at Mississippi State. Been a three-year starter there at guard. Pretty fortunate to get a guy like that after the draft. He checks a lot of the boxes. Guys like him normally get drafted. Three-year starter in the SEC, he's been through those wars, played in an all-star game, went to the combine, tested well. Great kid there at Mississippi State. He was an Iron Dog winner there, which is one of their top awards for the weight room. He's been on the leadership council there. So just an all-around great kid. He'll be a good blue-collar addition to our offensive line."

— Assistant Director of College Scouting Matt Winston

DE Dewayne Hendrix, Pittsburgh

"Dewayne is a tough physical player that you love everything about. You love his make-up, you love the way he plays. He's just a strong, gritty guy that we think gives us a presence and we think he has a big upside."

— Marvin Allen

DE Jonathan Ledbetter, Georgia

"Jonathan, we're pretty excited about. That's somebody the scouts really liked, including myself, all year long. Highly recruited kid going into Georgia. Could have gone anywhere (but) he went there. He's tough, he's physical. He plays the run really well. He stood out at the Senior Bowl. This guy is a football player. He plays with attitude. He plays violent. I really like what he brings to our team."

— Adam Engroff

DT Cory Thomas, DT Mississippi State

"Cory is an interesting guy. He is a mountain of a man — 6-5, he's 315 and he's got 35-inch arms. He runs well. Very raw, a lot of upside here. He's very impressive. He's a big man and an SEC D-lineman, so we like that."

— Adam Engroff

LB Terrill Hanks, New Mexico State

"Had a very impressive senior year. He led the team in tackles, he was a captain. You did your work and watched the tape, you knew this guy is really, really fast. We were able to get him here for the local Pro Day and he impressed us all, and when we saw he was available, we jumped on the opportunity."

— Marvin Allen

LB Tre' Watson, Maryland

"Very physical linebacker. He's tough, he's competitive. There was a point, probably at the end of September, he was leading the Big Ten in tackles and interceptions. For him to go undrafted, it's more numbers than ability, but I think his physicality and his toughness is going to fit in well in our program."

— Ron Brockington

CB Nik Needham, UTEP

"Very talented. He played inside and outside there. He's got some versatility. He's been the team captain. Another guy that can come in and compete for a role at a corner and possibly play some nickel for us. These are the type of guys that Coach Flores really wants to add to this defense, that can do a lot of jobs."

— Matt Winston

CB Montre Hartage, Northwestern

"What stood out to me is he's an outside corner, he can also play inside. He's tough, he's physical. He comes from a blue-collar program up in Northwestern, so I think he'll adapt well to our situation here going forward."

— Ron Brockington

CB Tyler Horton, Boise State

"He's just kind of a playmaker. He's very instinctive. Ton of ball production as far as PBUs (pass breakups), interceptions. It's somebody that we feel really strongly about, our defensive backs coach feels really strongly about. He just kind of knows how to play the game."

— Adam Engroff

LS Wesley Farnsworth, Nevada

"Very athletic for the position. Actually played some defensive back at Nevada early in his career. He was a running back in high school. One of the strongest guys, pound for pound, actually had the highest power clean, excellent velocity (on his snaps). He can really run. We felt like he was the top long-snapper in the draft and we were excited to be able to get him after the draft."

— Matt Winston