Voice Of The Fan: Free Agency


Which of the Dolphins recent roster moves do you like best? 

Michael Brothers, Sheddawgs.com

My favorite move so far in the new NFL year has been the signing of guard Josh Sitton. It seems like every year for too long we entered into a new season with a major weakness at guard and really didn't address it properly in free agency or the draft. Sitton is a highly rated veteran that should secure the left side of the line while providing sound leadership as well. Excellent signing!

Dave Buchler, Finatics.com

 It has been a crazy week of free agency.  But I would say that the biggest moves were the release of Mike Pouncey and the acquisitions of Daniel Kilgore and Josh Sitton.  I was a fan of Pouncey, but I have to wonder if he could go another season without injury.  Kilgore and Sitton bring a fresh new look to the offensive line with lots of Pro Bowl experience.

Curt Fennell, Phins.com

 The biggest single problem that the Dolphins have had on offense for a number of years now has been at guard. While Ryan Tannehill is not the second coming of Dan Marino, he would be a lot more effective with a strong offensive line. And Kenyon Drake wouldn't have to worry about getting hit three yards deep on every play. This spring, the Dolphins (finally) picked up a guard that will significantly improve the offensive line and hopefully make the offense much more effective. That guy is Josh Sitton. Last season, ProFootballFocus rated Sitton as the 5th best guard in the league.

Matt Kent, Phinzone.com

 Of the moves made so far this offseason, I like the addition of Josh Sitton. Adding a four-time Pro Bowler to the interior line will bring not only a talent upgrade, but leadership needed to that unit.

Kevin Nogle, The Phinsider

 The Dolphins have been busy this past week, with players coming and going. The best move by the team may be an under-the-radar one: re-signing William Hayes. Even with the addition of Robert Quinn, adding Hayes back to the roster gives Miami not only experienced depth at defensive end, but it gives them a really strong run-stopping defensive end. Hayes was playing really well for Miami before injuries ended his season. That play should continue into the new season, even with the deep defensive end position leading to playing time competition.

Mike Oliva, DolphinsTalk.com

To me the roster move I like the best is the addition of Albert Wilson. Losing Jarvis Landry is a tough pill to swallow as he is a great player who will be difficult to replace, but Wilson brings a different skill set to Miami's wide receiver corps.  Kenny Stills is a very fast receiver and I think having another superfast receiver next to him in Wilson will make Miami very tough to defend for opponents. Throw Jakeem Grant into the mix and I think Adam Gase will be able to get real creative now with three superfast WRs on the field. That is why I am the most excited about the addition of Albert Wilson and like that signing the best. I think it can open up the offense in many ways we haven't seen before.

Paul L. Picken, Jr., On The FinSide

This one is a tough call.  While the lead up to the league year looked a bit "scary" for a Dolphins fan with the departures, it rapidly took shape headed in a positive direction. I loved the signings, restructures and more but I have to say that my favorite move was retaining Ja'Wuan James.  He doesn't get the big reputation out there but as my co-host Cat points out frequently, the guy only allowed a couple of sacks in his last 18 games played.  Retaining James really allowed the team to focus on retooling the middle of the offensive line between their two young bookends in James and Tunsil. For the first time in a decade, I can look at the offensive line and feel like it has not only been "fixed" but there is also already some quality depth behind the starters.

Luis Sung, PhinManiacs.com

There were some hard decisions to be made this offseason, particularly the trading of Jarvis Landry and the unexpected releasing of Ndamukong Suh and Mike Pouncey, all big names in Dolphins history. That being said, I can't say I disagree with the moves simply because I feel I can see the bigger picture that the Dolphins are trying to put together. Seeing as it would take me too long to go into that whole discussion, I'll just say that my favorite move so far was the signing of Josh Sitton. Despite being older, Sitton is the best - on paper - guard that Miami has had in a very long time, and with Ryan Tannehill coming off his knee injury, protection is even more crucial than ever. I believe the Dolphins can surprise the NFL again in 2018, but it's going to depend on the play in the trenches, which is why the Sitton signing is my favorite move so far.

Lisa Johnson, Ourturf Football

The best move thus far for me the Dolphins have made is releasing tight end Julius Thomas. Pretty clear after just a few games last year he wasn't the TE he once was. I felt he hurt our offense all season long. Now that he has been released it paves the way for the Dolphins to grab one of the very talented tight ends in this year's draft.

Brian Miller, PhinPhanatic.com

Personally, the best move the Dolphins made in my opinion was releasing Mike Pouncey. While I really have enjoyed what Pouncey has done since his arrival in Miami, his body was breaking down and he lost some of the push he had in recent years. The loss of Pouncey will hurt the locker room dynamic but Miami really needs more consistency and that comes with staying healthy. It was a hard decision I am sure but one I think needed to be made.

Carl Leone, Bitchin' Daves

Believe it or not, I think the Jarvis Landry trade was our best move. He wanted more than he was worth. We had an entire year to negotiate with him and couldn't get anything together. It's not like we are the cheapest team in the league. To get a fourth-round (#123) this year and a seventh-rounder in next year's draft is a whole lot better than watching him walk away for nothing.