Videos - September 2018

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2018-09-02 Adam Gase Discusses 53-man Roster
2018-09-02 Xavien Howard Ready For The Regular Season
2018-09-02 Osweiler Reflects On Training Camp And Preseason
2018-09-02 Sound Bites: Gase, Taylor Talk Roster Moves
2018-09-03 Dolphins Daily: Reviewing The 53-man Roster
2018-09-03 Bud Light Q&A | Ryan Tannehill
2018-09-04 One-on-one With Safety Reshad Jones
2018-09-04 Dolphins Daily: Team Makes Roster Moves
2018-09-04 The Grind: Dress Rehearsal
2018-09-05 Dolphins Daily: Behind The Scenes Of Preseason Game 3
2018-09-05 Peter Schrager: Miami Dolphins Will Make The Playoffs
2018-09-05 One-on-one With Center Daniel Kilgore
2018-09-05 Gase Speaks To Media As Dolphins Return To Practice
2018-09-05 Tannehill Feels More Ready Than Ever Before
2018-09-05 Mike Gesicki Excited For Week One
2018-09-05 Wilson, Wide Receivers Are Well-Prepared
2018-09-05 Reshad Jones Knows What The Dolphins Are Capable Of
2018-09-05 Sound Bites: Excited For The Season Opener
2018-09-06 How To Use Your Mobile Wallet
2018-09-06 Dolphins Daily: Team Confident Heading Into Week 1
2018-09-06 Coach Gase Speaks To Media After Thursday's Practice
2018-09-06 Jerome Baker Learning From Kiko Alonso
2018-09-06 Danny Amendola: "We Have A Lot To Prove"
2018-09-06 Drake Focused On Becoming A Playmaker
2018-09-06 Gavin Escobar On His Quick Return To Miami
2018-09-06 Smythe Preparing Like He's Going To Start
2018-09-06 Madison Ave. With Minkah Fitzpatrick
2018-09-06 Loggains: Rookies Getting Better With Every Rep
2018-09-06 Rizzi Excited About Additions Of Bolden, McEvoy
2018-09-06 Burke Encouraged By Defense's Development
2018-09-06 Sound Bites: Adam Gase & Durham Smythe
2018-09-06 Quick Hits: Sack ➡️ Fumble ➡️ Touchdown
2018-09-07 Dolphins Daily: Week 1 Preview | Dolphins vs. Titans
2018-09-07 Zach Thomas Somersaults Into The End Zone
2018-09-07 Reshad Jones Intercepts Marcus Mariota, Returns It For A TD
2018-09-07 Adam Gase Friday Afternoon Press Conference
2018-09-07 Sound Bites: Gase, Drake, Wake & Bolden
2018-09-08 Quick Hits: Matchup Snapshot | Dolphins vs. Titans
2018-09-08 Quick Hits: Home Field Advantage
2018-09-09 The Coach Adam Gase Show | Week 1
2018-09-09 Quick Hits: IT'S GO TIME!
2018-09-09 Minkah Fitzpatrick Stuffs Corey Davis To Force Turnover On Downs
2018-09-09 Tannehill Caps 98-yard Drive With Touchdown Pass To Stills
2018-09-09 Albert Wilson Breaks Tackle, Gains 21 Yards
2018-09-09 Reshad Jones Dives For Incredible Interception
2018-09-09 Kiko Alonso Intercepts Mariota's Screen Pass
2018-09-09 Jakeem Grant Returns Kickoff 102 Yards For A Touchdown
2018-09-09 Kenny Stills Burns Malcolm Butler For 75-yard TD
2018-09-10 Reshad Jones Intercepts Gabbert's Pass, Returns It 54 Yards
2018-09-10 Full Game Highlights | Dolphins vs. Titans
2018-09-10 Ryan Tannehill Discusses The Offense's Day
2018-09-10 Adam Gase Dolphins-Titans Press Conference
2018-09-10 Cam Wake On The Defense, Dealing With Delays
2018-09-10 Sound Bites: Gase, Tannehill, Stills & Jones
2018-09-10 Adam Gase Monday Afternoon Press Conference
2018-09-10 Sound Bites: Adam Gase On The Return Of Ryan Tannehill
2018-09-10 Dolphins Daily: Dolphins Defeat Titans In Historical Fashion
2018-09-11 Hard Rock Stadium Weekend Time Lapse
2018-09-11 Dolphins Daily: Career Day For Stills & Jones
2018-09-11 Bud Light Q&A | Reshad Jones
2018-09-12 Quick Hits: Week One Recap
2018-09-12 Dolphins Daily: Team Shifts Focus To The Jets
2018-09-12 Tannehill, Offense Growing As A Unit
2018-09-12 Winning Award 'Means A Lot' To Grant
2018-09-12 Jerome Baker Speaks About His First NFL Game
2018-09-12 No Nerves, Just Excitement For Fitzpatrick In Week One
2018-09-12 McDonald, Secondary Prepare For Rookie QB
2018-09-12 Adam Gase Tuesday Afternoon Press Conference
2018-09-12 Sound Bites: Team Prepares To Face The Jets
2018-09-13 One-on-one With DE Charles Harris
2018-09-13 Dolphins Daily: Fitzpatrick, Dolphins Ready For The Jets
2018-09-13 Quick Hits: MetLife Takeover
2018-09-13 Adam Gase Thursday Afternoon Press Conference
2018-09-13 Bobby McCain On Facing Jets QB Sam Darnold
2018-09-13 Frank Gore Not Focused On Chasing History
2018-09-13 Stills: 'We Need To Do Whatever It Takes To Win'
2018-09-13 One-on-one With DB Minkah Fitzpatrick
2018-09-13 Sound Bites: Gase, McCain On Team Captains
2018-09-13 Matt Moore Connects With Kenny Stills For Long Touchdown
2018-09-13 Dowell Loggains On Offense Heading Into Week Two
2018-09-13 Rizzi: Coverage Still Needs Improving
2018-09-13 Defense Used Takeaways, Limited Big Plays In Week One Win
2018-09-14 Dolphins Daily: Dolphins At Jets Preview
2018-09-14 Adam Gase Friday Press Conference
2018-09-14 Cam Wake On Matching Up Against Darnold, Jets
2018-09-15 Peter Schrager Emphasizes The Greatness Of Frank Gore
2018-09-15 Quick Hits: Rivalry Week | Dolphins at Jets
2018-09-16 Quick Hits: Dolphins Arrive At MetLife Stadium
2018-09-16 The Coach Adam Gase Show | Week 2
2018-09-16 T.J. McDonald Picks Off Sam Darnold, Returns It 31 Yards
2018-09-16 Kenyan Drake Rushes For 6-yard Touchdown
2018-09-16 Kiko Alonso Forces Fumble, Raekwon McMillan Recovers Loose Ball
2018-09-16 Albert Wilson Speeds Into The End Zone
2018-09-16 Ryan Tannehill Finds A.J. Derby For 19-yard TD
2018-09-16 Xavien Howard Intercepts Sam Darnold's Pass In The End Zone
2018-09-16 Frank Gore Moves Into 4th Place On All-time Rushing List
2018-09-16 Kenyan Drake Breaks Free For 20-yard Gain
2018-09-16 Adam Gase Talks Win Over Jets
2018-09-16 Wake & Defensive Line Have Productive Day Against Jets
2018-09-16 Frank Gore On Making History: 'It Means A Lot'
2018-09-16 Tannehill, Offense Still Have Work To Do
2018-09-17 Full Game Highlights | Dolphins 20, Jets 12
2018-09-17 On 3rd & 19 Ryan Tannehill Finds Frank Gore For First Down
2018-09-17 Ryan Tannehill Picks Up First Down, Seals Victory Over Jets
2018-09-17 Sound Bites: Gore Makes History, Dolphins Win
2018-09-17 Adam Gase Monday Press Conference
2018-09-17 Dolphins Daily: Recapping The Win Over The Jets
2018-09-18 Dolphins Daily: Breaking Down Beating The Jets
2018-09-18 Bud Light Q&A | Kiko Alonso
2018-09-18 One-on-one With DT Akeem Spence
2018-09-19 Dolphins Daily: Defense Prepares For Raiders
2018-09-19 Miami Dolphins Jump Six Spots In NFL Network Power Rankings
2018-09-19 Defensive Coordinator Matt Burke Is 'One To Watch'
2018-09-19 Adam Gase Tuesday Press Conference
2018-09-19 Bobby McCain & Defense Maintaining Preparation
2018-09-19 Jerome Baker: An 'Honor' To Face Marshawn Lynch
2018-09-19 Tannehill Looking Forward To Taking On Raiders
2018-09-20 Dolphins Daily: Team Using Single Game Mentality
2018-09-20 Baldy's Breakdowns | Raiders vs. Dolphins Preview
2018-09-20 Kyle Brandt: Ryan Tannehill Is The 'Hottest QB' In The NFL
2018-09-20 One-on-one With CB Xavien Howard
2018-09-20 The Grind: The Longest Game
2018-09-20 Adam Gase Speaks To The Media On Thursday
2018-09-20 DeVante Parker Excited For First Game Action
2018-09-20 Frank Gore On HOF, Lynch & Wilson
2018-09-20 Sound Bites: Offense Feeding Off Defense's Success
2018-09-20 Rizzi Breaks Down Special Teams Through Week 2
2018-09-20 Loggains On O-Line, Development Of Offense
2018-09-20 Matt Burk On Defensive Prep For Raiders
2018-09-21 Dolphins Daily: Dolphins vs. Raiders Preview
2018-09-21 Will Kalen Ballage Revive The Wildcat Formation For The Dolphins?
2018-09-21 Adam Gase Friday Press Conference
2018-09-21 Wake On Defensive Line, Matching Up Against Raiders
2018-09-22 Quick Hits: No Fly Zone ❌
2018-09-22 Quick Hits: #OAKvsMIA All-time Highlights
2018-09-23 GameDay Pick'Em | Picking Winner Of Raiders-Dolphins
2018-09-23 Quick Hits: Players Arrive For #OAKvsMIA
2018-09-23 The Coach Adam Gase Show | Week 3
2018-09-23 Xavien Howard Picks Off Derek Carr, Returns It 39 Yards
2018-09-23 Ryan Tannehill Launches TD Pass To Kenny Stills
2018-09-23 Jakeem Grant Zooms 18 Yards Into The End Zone
2018-09-23 Albert Wilson Extends Lead With 74-Yard TD
2018-09-23 Xavien Howard Leaps For End Zone Interception
2018-09-23 Albert Wilson, Jakeem Grant Connect For Epic 52-yard Touchdown
2018-09-23 Albert Wilson Talks Trick Plays, Role In Offense
2018-09-23 Cam Wake Discusses Going 3-0
2018-09-23 Ryan Tannehill On Offense's Electric Plays
2018-09-23 Grant, Wilson Have Developed Chemistry
2018-09-23 Quinn: Defense Came Up With Crucial Plays
2018-09-23 Adam Gase Discusses Victory Over Raiders
2018-09-23 Full Game Highlights | Dolphins 28, Raiders 20
2018-09-24 DeVante Parker Snags Pass For 36-yard Gain
2018-09-24 Adam Gase Recaps Win Over Oakland
2018-09-24 Sound Bites: Grant & Wilson Play Big Rolls In Win
2018-09-24 Dolphins Daily: Big Plays Propel Dolphins To Comeback Win
2018-09-24 Daniel Jeremiah Breaks Down Dolphins' 3-0 Start
2018-09-25 Dolphins Daily: Inside The 28-20 Victory Over Oakland
2018-09-25 Bud Light Q&A | DeVante Parker
2018-09-25 Quick Hits: Wildcat | 10 Year Anniversary
2018-09-25 Baldy's Breakdowns | Dolphins Utilized Gadget Plays Perfectly 
2018-09-25 Quick Hits: Football Unites Cultural Tour
2018-09-25 Jakeem Grant Joins 'Up To The Minute' On NFL Network
2018-09-25 One-on-one With DT Vincent Taylor
2018-09-26 Dolphins Daily: Team Begins Preparing For The Patriots
2018-09-26 Bobby McCain Mic'd Up: Dolphins vs. Raiders
2018-09-26 Adam Gase Monday Press Conference
2018-09-26 One-on-one With TE Mike Gesicki
2018-09-26 Sound Bites: Tannehill On Amendola's Value To Offense
2018-09-26 Ryan Tannehill On Offense's Speed, Preparing For Pats
2018-09-27 Dolphins Daily: Tough Road Task Awaits In New England
2018-09-27 Peter Schrager: Adam Gase Among Best Young Coaches In NFL
2018-09-27 Madison Ave. With Vincent Taylor
2018-09-27 Gase On Vincent Taylor, Offensive Play Calling
2018-09-27 Rizzi On Special Teams Changes
2018-09-27 Loggains Confident In Both Rookie Tight Ends
2018-09-27 Burke, Gase Believe In Developing Practice Squad Players
2018-09-27 What To Expect From Danny Amendola This Weekend
2018-09-27 Kenny Stills: 'Every Week Is A Big Game For Us'
2018-09-27 Sound Bites: Kiko Alonso's Preparation Stands Out
2018-09-28 Dolphins Daily: Dolphins at Patriots Preview
2018-09-28 Adam Gase Friday Press Conference
2018-09-28 Cam Wake Speaks To Media On Friday
2018-09-30 The Coach Adam Gase Show | Week 4
2018-09-30 Bobby McCain Picks Off Tom Brady
2018-09-30 Minkah Fitzpatrick Picks Off Brady For First Career INT
2018-09-30 Frank Gore Scores On 6-yard Touchdown Reception
2018-09-30 Adam Gase Postgame Press Conference
2018-09-30 Ryan Tannehill: 'We Need To Move Forward'
2018-09-30 Cam Wake Meets With Media After Game