Miami Dolphins Announce Open Application for FOOTBALL UNITES™ Project Change Scholarship

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MIAMI – The Miami Dolphins announced the open application period for the FOOTBALL UNITES™ Project Change Scholarship. In its second year, the program identifies one high school student each year and pays for their college tuition over a four-year period. The goal of the college scholarship is to provide financial support to students who have made a commitment to leading social progress initiatives in their communities.

Requirements for the Project Change Scholarship include:

  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0.
  • Complete at least 40 hours of community service a semester in social justice programs.
  • Write an essay on what change they want to see in the community and how the scholarship will achieve that change.
  • Accepted into a community college or university.
  • Application must be submitted by March 31, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. EST.
  • **Submit application HERE.**

The Project Change Scholarship is in part of the Miami Dolphins social justice and advocacy program, FOOTBALL UNITES™, created by Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross and Miami Dolphins players during the 2017-2018 season. Through FOOTBALL UNITES™, the Dolphins are using sports as a platform to bring positive social change.

**Last year’s inaugural recipient was Valicia Browne.** Browne, a graduating senior from Olympic Heights Community High School in Boca, has a goal to establish medical clinics to offer reasonably priced health care in underserved communities and will be attending Florida State University this year.

Earlier this month, the Miami Dolphins also announced open application for the Nat Moore Scholarship and Vocational Endowment to provide the youth of South Florida with the financial resources needed to pursue avenues of education and training for employment readiness. Both the scholarship and the grant are expressly designed to bolster efforts to bridge a gap between receiving financial assistance and obtaining a degree or vocational diploma. **For more information CLICK HERE.**

These efforts and initiatives align with the Miami Dolphins mission of "Teamwork at Work" -- an effort to level the playing field through the power of teamwork to inspire a healthier, more educated and united South Florida community. In addition, the organization believes it is important to be inclusive of the diversity and aware of the intersections that make up South Florida, uniting groups of different races, genders, sexual orientations, identities, abilities and faith around the power of football through the FOOTBALL UNITES™ program.

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