Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Hosts Second Player Business Combine


New York, N.Y. -- For the second straight year, Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross held a business combine designed to assist Dolphins players who have shown interest in such areas as real estate, technology, fashion, business operations, business development and investing.

Enter it's second year, the business combine's goal is to provide unique opportunities and experience to Dolphins players to prepare for life after football.

With the idea to help his players' development on the field and assist in setting them up for their post playing career, Ross hosted 15 current players from March 14-16 in New York. Players had the opportunity to sit in on a weekly development meeting at the Related Companies; tour Hudson Yards, the largest private real estate development in the history of the United States and the largest development in New York City since the Rockefeller Center; and RSE Ventures, a sports and entertainment firm founded by Ross and Matt Higgins. Players also had the opportunity to speak with and gain valuable advice from Ross, Bruce Beal (CEO - Related), Ken Wong (COO - Related), Clara Kim (‎VP - Related), Jamar Adams (Development Associate - Related), Harvey Spevak (CEO - ‎Equinox), Daniel Sillman (CEO - Relevent Sports), Kim Miller (VP - Ross Initiative for Sports and Equality) and Nate Burleson (NFL Network). Additionally, the group toured the NFL offices had the chance to take part in an industry job shadow at Related, Blink Fitness and Adriaen Black. 


Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross: "Any organization works best when the people know that the head of the organization cares about them. I thought it was incumbent on me and a responsibility that I had to show them the opportunities they can have when they finish their careers. The feedback from this program has been terrific. What we want to do is help them find something that they have the same passion for as they do when they are playing football. These are smart young guys that really want to succeed. I think every team should do this and it is a very important initiative that all owners should follow. " 

Reshad Jones: "I always want to learn, so I came up here to get as much knowledge as I can and hear from powerful people and bond with my brothers, my teammates. I learned to be an entrepreneur, you have to sometime take risks and also be authentic. I think (Stephen Ross) is one of the best owners in this business. It shows a lot about his character. It shows he really cares about his guys and the team. It's more than football to him." 

Sam Young: "I just think this was a great opportunity to take advantage of the ability and relationships to put yourselves in a different environment and be able to grow. We talk about coaches all of the time and having a coach or mentor in the locker room. Well, it's about having a mentor off the field too. Everyone has to transition away from the game eventually and have a coach off the field to help you make the best of it. This is extremely unique. Stephen has been great in allowing us to come here and open up his companies. It takes us out of our comfort zone and shows how much he cares about us not only as players, but as people."

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