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Miami Dolphins

PRESS RELEASE: Grover, Leader In Tech-Gadget Rentals, Partners with Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium

MIAMI, FL, —Grover, the global leader for on-demand consumer electronics rentals, officially announces a partnership with the Miami Dolphins. Headquartered in Miami and Berlin, Grover provides access to premium consumer tech products at an affordable price and on a flexible schedule.

This partnership, which unites two massive business presences in South Florida, will include the use of Grover's technology throughout the West Field Club area of Hard Rock Stadium for attendees and team members to enjoy and interact with. Grover will also receive the rights to name a menu item in Hard Rock Stadium and host a Field Box for the duration of the season.

To officially kick off the partnership, Grover will take part in the Junior Dolphins' High School Kick Off in which high school football teams from across South Florida will visit Hard Rock Stadium to participate in a variety of enriching activities prior to attending a Dolphins preseason home game on August 27, 2022. 

"We are excited to partner with Grover to enhance our engagement with our fans, team and local community," said Jeremy Walls, Senior Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer of the Miami Dolphins. "With a shared commitment to innovation and sustainability, this collaboration with Grover will contribute to providing Hard Rock Stadium guests with the best experience possible across all our venue events."  

The partnership comes as Grover's latest effort to further establish itself in Miami and support the city's growing startup community. Grover has seen great success in Florida since opening a Miami Headquarters in February of this year.

"The Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium are landmarks here in the Miami community and we are thrilled to team up to further our work to improve digital fluency by making technology more accessible and affordable for all," said Michael Cassau, CEO and Founder of Grover. "This partnership works to support not only The Dolphins team and fans, but the Miami tech community at large as Grover continues to make Miami our home. We can't wait to see you at the games!" 

Grover works to promote the mass adoption of flexible tech ownership so people can experience a better life through access to technology while encouraging a better, more sustainable future. With more than 600,000 devices already circulated, Grover reduces product under-use, lengthening the life cycle of technology and flattening the hype cycle that causes used gadgets to end up in landfills.

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