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PRESS RELEASE: Miami Dolphins Host Sixth-Annual Dolphins Business Combine

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – The Miami Dolphins hosted their sixth-annual Dolphins Business Combine (DBC) from February 28 to March 4, 2022. The first-of-its-kind event from a professional sports franchise was created by Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross in 2017. The sessions featured seminars and networking opportunities focused on real estate, entrepreneurship, business leadership, business operations and wealth management.

"The Miami Dolphins are the only team to provide the resources to put an immersive business combine together for our current players," said Dolphins Director of Player Engagement Kaleb Thornhill. "Our players deserve to be fully invested in both on and off the field throughout their football careers. The founders, companies, executives, former players, and hundreds of others gave our players exclusive knowledge and wisdom that will last a lifetime. The seeds planted during this week will grow into something powerful for each player and that is what makes the Dolphins Business Combine one-of-a-kind."

Designed by the players for the players, the DBC has developed into a week-long curriculum of high-level holistic business management and entrepreneurship. Each player took part in two different "deep dives" to learn roles, responsibilities, skills, and attributes necessary to thrive in business. Deep Dives included in-store visits to small businesses, start-up companies, real estate projects, and franchisees in the South Florida area. This customized program allows for players to leverage the NFL and increase collaboration, experiential learning, and post-program learning opportunities.

Take a look at photos from the 2022 Dolphins Business Combine. You'll see players around the community learning about different career paths after football.

"What the Miami Dolphins are doing with the business combine really speaks to the organization's commitment to making sure the players succeed not just in football, but off the field in their post playing careers as well," said Circle House Coffee Founder Stephen Tulloch. "As a former player myself, I believe it's important to pour into the current players to help them understand that the right preparation can open endless opportunities in business, for life after football."

"The Miami Dolphins Business Combine is remarkable," said Co-Founder and CEO of 2U, Inc. Chip Paucek. "Players in the NFL give so much to the league and their fans. It's critical that we create opportunities for them to unlock their future potential off the field as well. During this substantive and fun week, players heard from entrepreneurs and CEO's, learned about investment strategies, and brainstormed together about their futures. All culminating with them pitching quality business ideas to real venture capitalists and business leaders from the community. For me, as a die-hard, long-time Dolphins' fan, it was an absolute joy to participate. I came away inspired about their futures and even more passionate about the importance of investing in one another."

"Taking part in the 2022 Dolphins Business Combine was the best off the field experience I've had during my 13-year NFL career," said defensive back Jason McCourty. "The business combine gave us access to resources that can be used to cultivate and grow outside of the football facility. The event allowed us the opportunity to build quality relationships, the knowledge to ask the right questions, and the confidence to move forward and grow in any entrepreneurial space. Hopefully one day we'll be talking about a business combine in all 32 NFL cities."

"The Dolphins Business Combine was a chance to step foot into the business world and maximize the off-season," said defensive back Jevon Holland. "People have explained to me what real estate was in a brief conversation but never in the depth we received this week. This was a chance to see it in real time by taking it from the classroom to real estate site tours that included experiential learning. We also had an opportunity to compete by splitting into groups, building a business concept, and delivering a pitch in front of judges. This experience allowed us to know more about my teammates, work towards a goal, and execute in front of our peers. I look forward to attending the Business Combine for many years to come."

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