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Top Quotes | Media Availability - April 13

Elandon, Mike and Austin met with the media earlier today. Check out their top quotes from their media availability.

LB Elandon Roberts

On many defensive players returning to the team for 2022:

"It was a great thing because I know all of those guys. You've got that team camaraderie with your defense. I'm glad we got all the guys back and it's going to be fun. I know somebody is going to have this question, but the NFL changes every year so to not have your defensive unit change that much is a good thing."

On Josh Boyer returning as defensive coordinator:

"I think Josh is going to do a great job and do what he's been doing since he took over the last two years."

On why he decided to re-sign with the Dolphins:

"To be fully transparent, I just felt like this is my defense. I'm a leader on the team and a leader on the defense. It was kind of a no-brainer for me, to be honest with you. I love being in Miami. My family loves it out here. I have a good relationship with everyone in the building. It was kind of a no-brainer."

TE Mike Gesicki

On how he will fit into the new offensive scheme:

"Yeah, it's definitely a different scheme as to what we've played in, but at the end of the day, football is football. These coaches are elite in what they do and I think that they're going to put people in position to be successful. To be honest, we haven't really gone over installs or anything like that. It's just been very, very basic knowledge of the offense. So that's pretty much where we're at right now, but I'm ready to do whatever I can to go out there and make plays."

On his early impressions of head coach Mike McDaniel:

"Yeah, (he is a) funny dude. I had a meeting with him last week and it went well and just talking with him just about everything – the atmosphere in the building, the guys, the locker room, everything. So he's awesome. It's been great and I'm excited to play for him and work for him and do everything I can to earn his trust for some big-time opportunities coming up this fall. But it's April right now. Everybody is optimistic, everybody is happy, everybody is in a good mood. But we'll see how it goes when things start flying around and adversity hits and all that kind of stuff. But I think that this locker room, the guys that are still here, have been through a lot. So I'm excited to continue to use our past to get better in the future."

G/T Austin Jackson

On what this offseason has been like for him:

"It's been great so far. In terms of myself, just getting in a great routine, being very structured and taking a pretty great approach with my training. As far as the team with the new coaching staff, I've talked to (Head Coach) Mike (McDaniel) and (Offensive Coordinator) Frank (Smith) a bunch and I'm really excited for what we have in place. I'm even more excited for the work we're about to start. First things first, it starts now. That's why we're meeting and training together and getting the details down really of our concepts of what we're going to do."

On what T Terron Armstead is bringing to the offensive line:

"He's a 10-year guy coming in. All Pro experience and all of that stuff. If we're being quite frank, that's somewhere every offensive lineman in the NFL wants to be. He's definitely coming with the work ethic and his experience. We all look into that stuff. We all want to be there. You've got to tip your hat to the OGs and do your job at the end of the day."

On his early impressions of offensive line coach Matt Applebaum and what he knows about Applebaum's time coaching at Boston College:

"I've actually watched quite a lot of college tape. I've watched a lot of tape, I actually love playing offensive line. It's more of an art form to me, so I love to study it. I've definitely seen what Boston College linemen have been doing in the past couple of years. They've been super fundamentally sound technique-wise and all of that – these last couple of weeks we've been working together have been great. I'm looking forward to more in the future for sure."

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