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Top Quotes - Players | Media Availability - June 7

Dolphins safeties Jevon Holland and Brandon Jones, guard/tackle Robert Hunt, defensive tackle Raekwon Davis, defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah and linebacker Brennan Scarlett met with the media following today's minicamp practice. Check out the top quotes from their media availabilities.


(On Mike McDaniel's style of coaching)

"He's just a good person. It's not hard to be all in for a coach when they're a good person. I think that's the baseline, as low as it goes. He's just a super cool dude, a great family man and you can tell he's honest. People just buy into what he says and he's 100 percent on the same page as him mentally. Everybody is one mind."

(On what area he wanted to work on in the offseason)

"I think it was just my overall development as a professional. Things will come in practice and as things start to speed up – tackling, angles to the ball and things like that. But for me, conducting myself as more of a professional was probably most of it."


(On the next step in his evolution as an NFL safety)

"I'm trying to grow in every part of my game. I think I have a lot to work on, whether it's man coverage, blitzing, being a more vocal leader. In the game of football, you can never be too prepared and never do too much. Any way I can grow my game, I'm attacking it."

(On how he and S Jevon Holland understand each other more on the field)

"It's strange because when he first got here, we just kind of connected. We always sit in the back, we're always communicating and we're always aware of what happens, what's going to happen if this guy moves, what we have to get in and out of, showing different schemes, he's down, I'm down. Just being multiple and being able to do a lot of different things. That relationship that we kind of made early on has definitely showed itself off the field. We've become really good friends obviously and have that trust factor in each other."


(On how T Terron Armstead has impacted the unit)

"Terron has helped a lot of our guys out, especially us young guys. He's out there at practice working with some guys. He's in the meeting room telling us what we can do, what he's seen. He's been doing this for a while so what he says, we definitely take heed and we listen to it because he's done it. He's been an All-Pro, he's been to Pro Bowls, he's been everything that we want to be in life pretty much. Everything Terron says, we take it in and we listen."

(On the uniqueness of Mike McDaniel)

"I think we all just get Mike. He's a younger guy. He's cool. He's got a swagger to him. He's just out there trying to win. You can tell he wants to win. You can tell he's got our back. We are going to trust that and move forward and try to put a great product on the field."


(On what he did to earn the orange jersey as practice player of the day earlier this week)

"It wasn't anything special. Just effort. Running to the ball. I'm just an effort guy. That's it."

(On how much it helps to have continuity on defense)

"It helps us a lot. Everybody knows each other, we know what to expect, we know the goals. It's a blessing to have everybody back."


(On the main goals for OTAs)

"Every day we want to get better. Get better at the little things and what we struggle with. You've just got to work on little aspects of the game. That's what OTAs are for – just tune-up your skills. I'm glad we have the whole defense together so we all know how each other operates and how each other works. We develop from there."

(On being a leader in the locker room)

"That's one of the reasons why I'm back here. They view me as a leader. Whatever help they need, whatever advice they need, they come to me and I give it to them."


(On what it meant to re-sign with the team)

"I'm super excited. I love being here in Miami. Great energy, the fan base, obviously the city is great. I think we have a really talented team. We had a young team last year but now it's an older team and I think we have a lot of competitive guys and guys that really want to win. That's who ultimately I want to surround myself with, so I'm blessed and fortunate to be back here in Miami."

(On what he's seen so far from the front seven in OTAs)

"I think it's been great what the organization has done and the front seven and the guys that we're bringing in – veteran guys and younger guys. I think it's going to be a competitive room and a room that's going to push us all to become better – younger dudes and older dudes. I think it's something that not only is going to help our team but also help each individual in the room and then also in the offensive line room as we go through training camp and this offseason program. I think we're all getting better because of it."