Videos - August 2018

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2018-08-01 Kiko Alonso Not Surprised By Frank Gore's Longevity & Success
2018-08-01 Danny Amendola On Ryan Tannehill: 'He Has All The Intangibles'
2018-08-01 Dolphins Daily: Back To Work On Day Six
2018-08-01 Albert Wilson Thrilled To Host His High School At Practice
2018-08-01 Alonso: Linebackers, Defensive Line Working Well Together
2018-08-01 Lippett Feeling Good, Healthy
2018-08-01 Adam Gase Speaks To Media Following Practice
2018-08-01 Sound Bites: Gase, Wilson & Alonso Speak With Media
2018-08-01 Quick Hits: Kenny Stills Works On His Craft
2018-08-01 One-on-one With OT Jesse Davis
2018-08-02 Dolphins Daily: Team Readies For Scrimmage
2018-08-02 Kocurek Provides An Update On The D-Line
2018-08-02 Rizzi: Rookie Kickers Are Ahead Of Schedule
2018-08-02 Bush On McMillan And The Linebackers
2018-08-02 Oden On Fitzpatrick: 'He's Right Where He Needs To Be'
2018-08-02 Xavien Howard More Confident Than Ever
2018-08-02 Burke Stresses Consistency On Defense
2018-08-02 Sound Bites: Defense, Special Teams Staffs Speak To Media
2018-08-03 Dolphins Daily: Looking Back At Day Seven
2018-08-03 Adam Gase's Friday Press Conference
2018-08-03 James And O-Line Getting Better Every Day
2018-08-03 Stephone Anthony Working On Consistency
2018-08-03 Taylor Feeling More Confident This Season
2018-08-03 Sound Bites: Gase On Tannehill & Gesicki
2018-08-04 Osweiler Enjoying Playing In Miami
2018-08-04 Charles Harris On His Scrimmage Performance
2018-08-04 McMillan Glad To Be Back With His Teammates
2018-08-04 Tannehill Addresses Media After Scrimmage
2018-08-04 Adam Gase Stadium Scrimmage Press Conference
2018-08-04 Sound Bites: McMillan, Harris, Osweiler & Tannehill
2018-08-06 Quick Hits: Scrimmage Highlights
2018-08-06 Frank Gore: 'I'm Home'
2018-08-06 Healthy Carroo Ready To Make Plays
2018-08-06 Walt Aikens Mentoring Younger Players
2018-08-06 Adam Gase Monday Post Practice Press Conference
2018-08-06 Dolphins Daily: Tannehill Returns To Hard Rock Stadium
2018-08-06 Sound Bites: Aikens, Gore, Carroo & Gase
2018-08-07 Dolphins Daily: Catching Up With Isaiah Ford
2018-08-07 Adam Gase Speaks To The Media After Tuesday's Practice
2018-08-07 Tankersley Ready To Compete, Take Next Step
2018-08-07 Mike Gesicki On Running With The First Team
2018-08-07 Quinn Treating Preseason With Equal Importance
2018-08-07 One-on-one With WR Isaiah Ford
2018-08-07 One-on-one With WR Isaiah Ford
2018-08-07 Sound Bites: Tankersley, Gesicki, Quinn & Gase
2018-08-08 Dolphins Daily: Getting Ready For Preseason
2018-08-08 Bud Light Q&A | Andre Branch
2018-08-09 One-on-one With Saftey T.J. McDonald
2018-08-09 Dolphins Daily: Preseason Game One Preview
2018-08-09 Raekwon McMillan Checks Out Restored Classic Cars
2018-08-09 Tannehill Completes First Pass Attempt To Stills
2018-08-10 Senorise Perry Rushes For A 7-yard TD
2018-08-10 Vincent Taylor Sacks Jameis Winston For Big Loss
2018-08-10 Chase Allen Forces Fumble, Jordan Lucas Recovers
2018-08-10 Kalen Ballage Cuts Back For Big Gain
2018-08-10 Francis Owusu Beats Double Coverage For Spectacular 45-yard Catch
2018-08-10 Bryce Petty Connects With Isaiah Ford For 6-yard TD Reception
2018-08-10 Buddy Howell Jukes Defenders For 18-yard Gain
2018-08-10 Adam Gase Pleased With Team's Energy, Focus
2018-08-10 Ryan Tannehill Speaks About His First Game Back
2018-08-10 Bryce Petty Drops Dime To Isaiah Ford For Two-point Conversion
2018-08-10 Preseason Highlights | Dolphins vs. Buccaneers
2018-08-10 Every Ryan Tannehill Throw | Preseason Week 1
2018-08-10 Sound Bites: Tannehill, McMillan, Ford & Fitzpatrick
2018-08-10 Dolphins Daily: Tannehill Back In Action
2018-08-10 The Grind: Training Camp
2018-08-12 Spence: D-Line Willing To Do 'Whatever It Takes'
2018-08-12 Bobby McCain Willing To Lineup At Any Position
2018-08-12 Godchaux, Defense Need To Attack More
2018-08-12 Gesicki Growing As A Blocker
2018-08-12 Sound Bites: McCain, Spence, Gesicki & Gase
2018-08-12 Fitzpatrick Comfortable At Safety And Slot
2018-08-12 Veteran LB Anthony High On Rookies Baker, Fitzpatrick
2018-08-12 Adam Gase Sunday Press Conference
2018-08-13 Bud Light Q&A | Tony Lippett
2018-08-13 Darren Rizzi Looking For More Consistency
2018-08-13 Grant Anticipating A 'Big Year' From The Receivers
2018-08-13 Loggains Pleased With Offense's Preseason Performance
2018-08-13 Burke Happy With Fitzpatrick's Progression
2018-08-13 Dolphins Daily: Full Pads On Day 13
2018-08-13 Sound Bites: Loggains, Burke & Rizzi
2018-08-14 One-on-one With LB Jerome Baker
2018-08-14 Dolphins Daily: Final Day Of Camp
2018-08-14 Adam Gase's Final Training Camp Press Conference
2018-08-14 Sound Bites: Gore's Positive Influence On Drake
2018-08-14 Drake More Confident In Offensive System
2018-08-14 Tannehill Excited For Next Phase Of The Season
2018-08-15 Dolphins Daily: Training Camp Closes
2018-08-15 One-one-one With RB Kalen Ballage
2018-08-16 Dolphins Daily: Preseason Week 2
2018-08-16 Quick Hits: Preseason Week 2 Hype Video
2018-08-17 Dolphins Daily: Previewing Dolphins vs. Panthers
2018-08-18 Xavien Howard Intercepts Cam Newton
2018-08-18 Kenyan Drake Breaks Free For 34-yard Gain
2018-08-18 Trae Elston Forces Loose Ball, Maurice Smith Comes Down With INT
2018-08-18 Bryce Petty Rushes For 15-yard Touchdown
2018-08-18 Adam Gase Recaps Second Preseason Game
2018-08-18 Ryan Tannehill On Offense's Performance Against Carolina
2018-08-18 Preseason Highlights | Dolphins vs. Panthers
2018-08-18 Gase & Tannehill Recap Preseason Game #2
2018-08-19 Adam Gase's Sunday Press Conference
2018-08-19 Sound Bites: Gase, Gore And Wilson
2018-08-20 Bud Light Q&A | Stephone Anthony
2018-08-20 Dolphins Daily: Preseason Week Two Recap
2018-08-21 Dolphins Daily: Gore Ready For Potential Debut
2018-08-21 Adam Gase Speaks To Media On Tuesday
2018-08-21 Kilgore: Offense, O-Line Working On Technique
2018-08-21 Rookie LB Baker 'Still Working On The Little Things'
2018-08-21 Tannehill Looks Ahead To Third Preseason Game
2018-08-21 Howard 'Taking Advantage' Of His Opportunities
2018-08-21 Sound Bites: Tannehill, Kilgore, Howard & Baker
2018-08-22 Dolphins Daily: Ready For The Ravens
2018-08-22 One-on-one With DL Kendall Langford
2018-08-22 Adam Gase Wednesday Afternoon Press Conference
2018-08-22 One-on-one With RB Kenyan Drake
2018-08-22 Davis & O-Line On The 'Up And Up'
2018-08-22 Baker Leaning On Older Guys For Guidance
2018-08-22 Gesicki & Tannehill Developing Chemistry
2018-08-22 Fitzpatrick Feels Natural At The Nickel Position
2018-08-23 Sound Bites: Fitzpatrick, Gesicki, Davis & Gase
2018-08-23 Dolphins Daily: Starters Prepare For Saturday
2018-08-23 Grant, WRs Focus On Their Speed
2018-08-23 McCain Still Has A Chip On His Shoulder
2018-08-23 Adam Gase: 'We Better Be Ready To Bring It This Week'
2018-08-23 Sound Bites: Gase, Grant & McCain
2018-08-24 The Grind: Raekwon's Return
2018-08-24 Dolphins Daily: Dolphins vs. Ravens Preview
2018-08-24 Bud Light Q&A | Brock Osweiler
2018-08-25 Quick Hits: Let's Get To Work 😤
2018-08-25 Quick Hits: Ready For Kickoff
2018-08-25 Fitzpatrick, Alonso Stuff Dixon For Loss Of 4 Yards
2018-08-26 Kenyan Drake Breaks Free For 30-yard Gain
2018-08-26 Tannehill Connects With Amendola For 16-yard Touchdown
2018-08-26 Kenyan Drake Shows Off Receiving Skills With 36-yard Catch
2018-08-26 Vincent Taylor Blocks Tucker's FG Attempt
2018-08-26 Adam Gase's Dolphins-Ravens Postgame Press Conference
2018-08-26 Ryan Tannehill's Dolphins-Ravens Postgame Press Conference
2018-08-26 Every Ryan Tannehill Throw | Preseason Week 3
2018-08-26 Dolphins vs. Ravens Highlights | Preseason Week 3
2018-08-26 Sound Bites: First-team Offense Has Solid Performance
2018-08-27 Robert Quinn Sacks RG3
2018-08-27 Adam Gase On Final Two Preseason Games
2018-08-27 Asiata Preparing For Final Preseason Game
2018-08-27 Drake On Gore: "He Prepares Meticulously"
2018-08-27 Albert Wilson, Offense Will Be Explosive
2018-08-27 Dolphins Daily: Preseason Week Two Recap
2018-08-27 Sound Bites: Gase, Drake, Wilson & Asiata
2018-08-28 Dolphins Daily: Raekwon's Return
2018-08-28 The Life: Frank Gore
2018-08-28 Adam Gase's Tuesday Press Conference
2018-08-28 Sound Bites: Gase Previews Dolphins-Falcons
2018-08-29 One-on-one With RB Senorise Perry
2018-08-29 Dolphins Daily: Focused On The Falcons
2018-08-29 One-on-one With TE Durham Smythe
2018-08-29 Quick Hits: Vincent Taylor Blocks FG
2018-08-30 Dolphins Daily: Dolphins vs. Falcons Preview
2018-08-30 Quick Hits: Welcome To The ATL
2018-08-30 Brock Osweiler Throws TD To Buddy Howell
2018-08-30 Buddy Howell Rushes For 1-yard TD
2018-08-31 Kalen Ballage Bounces Off Defenders For TD
2018-08-31 Jordan Lucas Intercepts Tipped Pass From Kurt Benkert
2018-08-31 Brock Osweiler Connects With Francis Owusu For 14-yard Touchdown
2018-08-31 Every Brock Osweiler Throw | Preseason Week 4
2018-08-31 Fales Feels Like He Maximized His Opportunities
2018-08-31 Dolphins vs. Falcons Full Game Highlights
2018-08-31 Adam Gase Dolphins-Falcons Postgame Press Conference
2018-08-31 Malveaux Feels Good About His Performance In Atlanta
2018-08-31 Brock Osweiler: "We Played Fast And Had Some Fun"
2018-08-31 Ballage Continues To Grow, Get Better
2018-08-31 Sound Bites: Gase, Osweiler, Ballage & Malveaux
2018-08-31 Dolphins Daily: Preseason Wraps Up