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Chris Grier Top Quotes | Media Availability - April 20

Dolphins general manager Chris Grier met with the media earlier today to discuss the 2022 NFL Draft. Check out the top quotes from his media availability.

On how WR Tyreek Hill's skillset compares to some of the first-round receivers this year and in recent years:

"We were trying to figure out what we were going to do on draft day and one of the guys said we'll just watch Tyreek highlights in the draft room to make us feel good. (laughter) But it's unfair to compare any of those kids to Tyreek's skillset coming out. He's such a unique talent and even yesterday on the field he made a play and went down and then popped up like no hands, flipped up right off the ground. And we were just like, 'look at this guy.' (laughter) He's just so explosive and springy and just the way he works out at practice – his work ethic is unbelievable. So again, it's a talented class of receivers, but obviously we can't compare them to Tyreek at all and for what he does and what we feel he does in this offense and what a great fit he is."

On if the scouting process has changed with fewer draft picks this year:

"We haven't changed our process because I think you end up shortchanging the organization if you do that, because at the end of the day, you never know when opportunities arise to do something, whether you make a move or not or if a player falls and you think there's a chance to go get him. So you have to work through your process and be ready to answer all questions and at the end of the day, you never know, this could a trade a year or two on a player and if you haven't done your work just because you don't pick until 102, it could end up hurting you when you don't have all the information if those opportunities arise. So for us, we had guys who were out at all pro days. Coaches were out. Coaches were doing private workouts. They still have some private workouts going on here over the next week or so. So for us, it's been full steam ahead. The personnel staff has done a tremendous job and the coaching staff – Mike (McDaniel) and the coaching staff – these guys enjoyed getting out and getting to meet players, bringing them in so the private workout stuff has been exciting and I think the coaches really enjoy getting to know these players, too, as well."

On the strengths and weaknesses of this year's draft:

"I would say the offensive line group, it's a pretty good offensive line group. I think there's some talent all the way through from the tackles, the guards, centers, all the way in through the mid rounds. I think you can find some good quality players. Like everything, everyone is always looking for the pass rushers. I think there are some high-level rushers in this draft and then at the end of the day, then it'll be some projection. Guys that have some upside to work with. So I would say the big – offensive line to me, I think is the one real strong position in this draft."

On if you can gamble more in a draft where you have fewer picks:

"No. I think when you have as few picks as we do, you have to be right on them. I think you've got to be very deliberate and measured of what the roster and what that guy's role on the roster is going to be and how he fits. Obviously, there will be an occasion where if that special guy is there to take that risk on something, you will. But I think when you're picking third, fourth round and then two in the seventh, you have to make sure what you're getting, who it is and how he's going to fit on the team."

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