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Miami Dolphins

Donation & Ticket Requests

The Miami Dolphins Foundation is committed to leveling the playing field through the power of teamwork to inspire a healthier, more educated and united South Florida Community.

The Miami Dolphins and the Miami Dolphins Foundation have a strong commitment to the community of South Florida and strives to assist as many nonprofit organizations as possible within our geographical region. Due to the large volume of request we receive, the following guidelines have been established to allow us to support as many charitable organizations as possible.

Guidelines for All Charitable Requests

- All donation requests must be submitted online.

- Your request form will require the following information:

1. Charitable organization's name address, contact person's name, phone number and email.

2. A copy of you IRS 501 (c) 3 designation letter. Requests from individuals or commercial entities are not considered donations. You must be acting on behalf of a charitable organization.

3. Event information (name, date, location, description)

4. Specific donation request (i.e. auction item, monetary request, appearance, etc.)

- Your request MUST be submitted and received by the Dolphins at 60 calendar days prior to the event or procurement date. Donation requests that do not meet these guidelines will be denied.

- We ask that each organization submit only ONE (1) donation request per calendar year in order for us to accommodate as many deserving charitable organizations as possible.

- Due to the large volume of requests we receive, the Miami Dolphins have established a regional policy to provide fundraising assistance to non-profit organizations located within South Florida area. Request made outside of the Miami Dolphins' target marketing areas may be decline.

- Charitable requests submitted request through Miami Dolphins employees MUST follow all guidelines listed above. Request made through internal employees are not guaranteed approval.

- Do not request these tickets if you are looking for a donation of tickets to use in a silent auction. Tickets will not be donated for use in any silent auction. These tickets are only for use by a charity to bring a group of children to a home game.

- The Miami Dolphins do not accept merchandise from fans, individuals, or organizations for autographing purposes for personal use not for use at a charity event. Due to large volume of requests we receive, we cannot be responsible for returning merchandise to senders.

Use of the Miami Dolphins or the Miami Dolphins Foundation name, logos, trademarks and/or any advertising that implies support or sponsorship of any event by the Miami Dolphins and/or Miami Dolphins Foundation, is strictly prohibited without the express written approval from Miami Dolphins and/or the Miami Dolphins Foundation.