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Top Quotes | Media Availability - April 27

Dolphins wide receiver Jaylen Waddle, linebacker Jaelan Phillips and guard/tackle Robert Hunt met with the media earlier today. Check out the top quotes from their media availabilities.

WR Jaylen Waddle

On attending his first luau at the 'Luau with Tua' fundraiser earlier this month

"It was a fun experience. I've never been to a luau before, so when Tua told me to come out, I had no idea I was going to be on stage or anything like that. It kind of surprised me but it was fun."

On how his life has changed since he was drafted this time last year

"It's an exciting time. I know a lot of college players, a lot of my former teammates are getting drafted this year, so it's an exciting time. The year honestly went by fast. I was like, 'Man, it's been a year since I've been drafted.' It goes by so fast but it's an exciting time for all of the college players, really."

On the approach that Wide Receivers Coach Wes Welker takes

"I think his approach is different. Him being a receiver, he really set the standard of being a modern slot receiver. He really gives insight and he can really go into detail and really get into your head and know what it's like to be out there. Wes has been great working not just with me but just how he coaches up the whole receiver room."

On his humble approach

"That's just how I've always been growing up. My mom taught me to always stay humble, never get too high and never get too low. That's just how I was raised."

LB Jaelan Phillips

On being a tough evaluator of himself

"I'm really critical of myself and I have a lot of high aspirations and I want to do everything I can to help the team and so for me, not being able to come in every single down to help the team, that's something where I took it on myself where I'm going to work on this. So the sacks were nice, but ultimately it's more than just sacks. It's more than just production. It's about how you fit into the defense and what are you doing to contribute to the team as a whole. So yeah, I'm just constantly trying to better myself and improve the things that I need to improve on."

On how he's grown from this time last year until now

"Yeah, I think I've definitely toughened up on the mental standpoint of things and just learning about what the league is and how to manage my expectations like I said. But yeah, it's crazy to think that basically a year ago tomorrow was draft night and just the whirlwind of emotions and just how this year went, it's pretty crazy. I'm just looking to take everything from last year and just keep building on it."

On what he's been doing this offseason

"I've been trying to take advantage of the offseason to be involved in as many different things as possible. I think having as much time as we have, I have to spend it doing something positive and so I can kind of schedule things out to where I'm still getting my work in with football, but then I'm also able to continue some of the community work that I've been trying to do as well. And so the mentality this offseason, I'm feeling confident. I'm feeling a lot more focused than I was last year because like you said, you're worried about the draft, you have anxiety and all this stuff. And so for me, being comfortable in my position and I'm just really trying to, like I said, hone in my craft and start strong."

G/T Robert Hunt

On his first impressions of offensive line coach Matt Applebaum

"I like Matt, man. Matt is a guy that you can tell really cares about the room. He's willing to see where we're coming from, we see where he comes from and there haven't been any problems. You can just tell that's where he comes from. He's great so far. He's been doing really well with us and that's for all the coaches in the room. Everybody has been having positive things to say and it's been looking good."

On the veteran additions of Connor Williams and Terron Armstead to the unit

"Good things. You can tell both guys are leaders. Both guys have been winners and that's good. They're older guys – not older guys but they've been in the league. I'm mostly talking about Terron. He's been in the league, he knows what's happening and he's seen a lot of things and can help us out by just being the vet in the room for a young room."

On how he would describe the personality of the offensive assistant coaches

"Good guys. Really good guys. (Offensive Line Coach) Matt Applebaum, (Offensive Coordinator) Frank Smith, (Assistant Offensive Line Coach) 'Lem' (Lemuel Jeanpierre), (Offensive Assistant) Mike Person and everybody. All good guys and you can tell they want to teach. That's the good thing that they come in and they want to teach and they want to educate about the game and the 'why' – why we're doing everything – so it's a beautiful thing."

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