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Top Quotes - Players | Media Availability - April 29 & 30

All of Miami's draft picks met with the South Florida media this weekend. Check out the top quotes from linebacker Channing Tindall, wide receiver Erik Ezukanma, outside linebacker Cameron Goode and quarterback Skylar Thompson.

LB Channing Tindall

(On what he knows about the Dolphins defense)

"The way they use their linebackers is different. They use their linebackers everywhere. They put them on the edge sometimes, they put them on the line, they put them at Mike, Will. They are very versatile and I feel like I fit into it."

(On making a big jump during his senior season at Georgia)

"Coach (Glenn) Schumann. who was my position coach at Georgia, I just took extra time and watched film with him. I feel like I knew what I had to do. I was on a mission before the season started. I was just on a mission, like I have to get this done. I would say the biggest thing is probably just my mindset. My mindset was do or die."

(On the importance of speed and physicality at the linebacker position)

"I feel like they go hand-in-hand, especially being a linebacker. I feel like every good linebacker, and any linebacker honestly in the league, they are running fast and they are hitting. So just coming with speed, you are ready to hit something. You've got to be tough to play linebacker. You cannot be a linebacker and not be tough."

WR Erik Ezukanma

(On what it will be like to work with the team's wide receivers)

"It's going to be a big opportunity. You've got a guy like Tyreek Hill who's done it for a long time. Jaylen Waddle being a rookie last year and putting the numbers he put up, it's going to be a great opportunity to learn from them and take notes and learn from Wes (Welker) as well. Him being able to coach the guys up and just take a lot in and be a sponge and take a lot of notes and watch a lot of film."

(On the importance of leadership with him being a captain at Texas Tech)

"Man, the locker room is everything because that's really where the team collaborates and works together outside of the coaches. And you know, you want to be a player-led program. You want guys in the locker room to uplift each other, not be one of those guys that brings each other down. I'm willing to go in there, learn my role with the team and as I gradually get up in the ranks and earn my respect, I feel like I can hop into that leadership role."

(On his ability to make contested catches)

"That's one of my strong suits. I feel like throughout my career I've really worked on contested catches, bang-bang plays. I feel like in the beginning of my career at Tech, that was one of the places I struggled at, but I gained more confidence with that and just getting bigger in the weight room, buying into the weight room and being able to make those contested catches even if a defender is on my back or hitting me at the same time. So I feel like that's one of my high points of my game

OLB Cameron Goode

(On his pre-draft visit with the Dolphins)

"The visit was great. It was honestly, definitely one of my favorites. I love Miami. I've always loved Florida. I'm excited to come out here. The coaches are great. I love the coaches. I met with Coach 'Camp' (Anthony Campanile) and Coach (Ty) McKenzie. I love the coaches. I felt like I built a good relationship with them and I'm ready to go out there."

(On what he feels his strengths are and what alignment he played in college)

"I played in a 3-4. I feel like I've been able to get my pass rush better throughout the years. I feel like I'm physical. I'm always going to be physical, setting the edge and things like that."

(On advice he's received from his dad, who was drafted in the NFL)

"He's always telling me about his experiences. I just know it's a mental battle and you always got to be mentally strong. It's a long process. It's a fight. Everybody is good, so things like that. Stay mentally in it and keep going really and just keep working."

QB Skylar Thompson

(On the biggest challenge he sees about his opportunity to compete in Miami)

"Yeah, well first and foremost, I've got to get my foot in the door and start learning the playbook and just be a great teammate. That's what I'm here – I'm here to win and whatever that may look like, whatever my role is on the team, I'm going to own my role and I'm going to do whatever it takes to help the Miami Dolphins win. That's what I'm – I'm so excited. I'm so excited to get into the room, to get down in the building down in Miami and get to work. Ultimately I'm – like I said – I'm coming to win and whatever that may look like, that's what I'm focused on. I'm focused on winning, being the best teammate and leader I possibly can be and making an impact on my teammates and making those around me better. That's what I'm mainly focused on."

(On how he feels about being one of the older prospects in the draft)

"I definitely don't feel any pressure as far as me being older that my career has to accelerate quicker or whatever the case may be. I think my age is a benefit to me. I've played in a lot of football games. I've experienced a lot of different situations in football. You name it, I've experienced it. And every type of adversity you can think of that a quarterback could experience, I've experienced it. I've fought through and I've overcome and I'm still standing strong. That's the biggest asset for me. I think I bring a level of leadership that can't be replicated at all spots just because I've been around so many locker rooms, I've had so many different encounters with players from all over the place and developed great relationships. I've been a four-year team captain. All of that is just tools in my toolbox. It's given me experiences to bring a great perspective to a great organization and that's what I hope to bring to the Miami Dolphins."

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