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Tua Tagovailoa Top Quotes | Media Availability - April 20

Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa met with the media earlier today. Check out the top quotes from his media availability.

On what it's like throwing to WR Tyreek Hill:

"It's fun. You catch glimpses of his speed and you obviously have played against him and seen him play in other games, seen his highlights as well. He's explosive. He can turn a negative two-yard swing route into a 20-yard touchdown or a 20-yard gain. It's pretty cool. It's exciting."

On the changes this offseason:

"I think pressure is going to be there every time. I don't feel more pressure that we've acquired all of these guys. It's more of an opportunity that I get, that we all get as a team, to show what we can do this year"

On his relationship with head coach Mike McDaniel:

"I don't know if you've seen the videos of him at the luau. I think that speaks a lot. That's kind of how the relationship has been. Very supportive. He wants to hang out. I go up there to his office and tell him I've got a couple of the guys coming over to hang out and he feels bad that he didn't get an invite to come over and hang out. (laughter) It's been a really cool relationship. It's been different but it's been super cool."

On how he learns new schemes now that he's played in several different offenses dating back to his time at Alabama:

"Yeah, you really just get used to studying and you get comfortable studying. That's all it is. You get comfortable with the verbiage, get comfortable with where everyone needs to go. For me, I like to draw it up when I can say it. So I'll say it, I'll draw it up, where everyone goes, and then I'll have my brother or my dad, someone test me and quiz me on it. Then from there, I'll go outside in the back yard and then I'll move my dad or my brother or whoever is out there, my mom sometimes. I'll move them, telling them 'Hey, you're at the Z now.' Or 'you're the X,' or 'you're the Y.' Just so I can picture it better. So when we do come out there, it's a lot easier when guys do ask, 'Hey, where do I go? And what do I run?'"

On what is has been like to work with new quarterbacks coach/passing game coordinator Darrell Bevell:

"I didn't know that Coach Bevell coached Brett Favre, coached Aaron Rodgers, coached Russell Wilson. Those aren't some small-time names. Those are big-time guys. It's a privilege to have him in our quarterback room, to have Teddy (Bridgewater) in our quarterback room and also Dan (Marino) sitting in our quarterback room as well. (There is) a lot of knowledge there. So being able to pick all of their brains and hearing what they have to say, I think it's good."

On the skills he thinks WR Cedrick Wilson Jr. will bring to the offense:

"With Cedrick, I thought he was a lot smaller for some reason. Maybe the No. 1 made him look extremely slim when he was with the Cowboys. I thought he was a very small, shifty guy but he's actually really big. He's tall, he's lanky and he can move, which surprises me. Normally tall guys can't move as quick and aren't as shifty. It's cool to see him out there running routes. He's done a good job thus far within our voluntary veteran minicamp, so I'm excited."

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