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Top Quotes - Dolphins Begin Three-Game Homestand Against Tennessee

The Miami Dolphins have won three games in a row and are 9-3 for the first time since 2001. 

The team now has a three-game homestand and an opportunity to build on the positives that have come from the first 13 weeks of the season. 

Here's what Head Coach Mike McDaniel, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and other members of the team had to say this week as they get ready for a Monday Night Football matchup against the Tennessee Titans.

Scouting the Titans

Head Coach Mike McDaniel

(On what he's seen this season from Tennessee and their starting quarterback Will Levis) – "It's cool to watch a guy come into a team with other players that are very much capable. What I've learned from afar is that it's not about him. He was just chopping wood, but you can learn a lot by just watching and listening. You watch how guys play with him on the field and you can tell he's earned the respect of veteran players. And you either have that or you don't. As a quarterback, there's nowhere to hide. So it's cool to watch him progress and I think he is capable of making, I think pretty much every throw. They have some guys that can really catch the ball that you've probably heard of and teams – we can attest as we've had plenty of times that we're going through some adversity, but you can tell by the way that the Tennessee Titans play in terms of how hard they play and their passion, that it's just a matter of time that team is at the top of the division with Coach Vrabel. So to be a part of that team and to own the respect of his teammates, I think says everything."

WR Tyreek Hill

(On what he's noticed when watching tape of the Titans defense) – "Those guys have got a real good secondary. Those guys fly to the ball real well, they punch the ball out. So our main focus is protecting the ball and like we've been doing all season, make sure we're at the right spots for Tua (Tagovailoa) and just put up points, just execute each and every opportunity that we get a chance to step on the field."

QB Tua Tagovailoa

(On the excitement level before playing in a primetime game) – "To me, personally, I don't think our team cares if we're Monday night, if we're a one o'clock Sunday game. Our team is just excited to go and play. Once you get a taste of what it feels like to put a good work week together and you see the results, for our guys, what I've seen is it's addicting to them. You see guys staying in longer. You see guys doing a little more. I don't think any of us necessarily matter if it's a prime time game or not, we just want to go out there and play."

Maintaining Focus Late in The Season

Head Coach Mike McDaniel

(On QB Tua Tagovailoa's praise for the team's strong work ethic and preparation in recent weeks) – "I think a lot of guys have been trying to go above and beyond. You have various people come in the building to speak to your team over the last two years. It shows me people are listening. And it's really hard to not go above and beyond when Christian Wilkins is mandating that guys – Christian and Zach (Sieler) are mandating that groups meet together. The way that Tua has grown in that regard is monumental, but on top of that, you have guys like Tyreek Hill who have taken a complete giant step as leaders, understanding how much their investment impacts how much other people invest. You have guys like Alec Ingold that do a tremendous job with that. There's a lot of orchestration that Terron Armstead does. The step that 'X' (Xavien Howard) has taken and then with Jalen (Ramsey) joining the crew and Jevon Holland has always been outstanding with that. I think Jerome Baker has taken a step in that regard and that's always kind of been the mantra of Duke Riley. The list is lengthy and you can go to every position."

OL Austin Jackson

(On making the most of every day) – "I think it just comes down to – credit our coaching staff and the guys on the team. They just show up to play every day. We work really hard to take advantage of every opportunity we get on the football field. We kind of set that standard in the summer and in training camp with being very critical of everything we did football-related. So that's just always been our mantra with everything we do. Kind of like I said earlier, it allows us to get better. Because even if you're great by Week 5, you still have to find different things to do by Week 7. Those teams are going to know what you're doing. It's just getting better every day. It's just helped us stay on our path and we're excited too. We're excited to go out there and play every time no matter who it is. We're excited to go play with each other and execute on what we've been practicing and working hard on."

LB Bradley Chubb

(On the team's consistent approach during the week) – "We kind of just continue the same approach each and every week – the same mindset, the same intensity, the same focus and it's been working out for us. We try not to look too far down the line and just take it day by day as we practice, and week by week as we play these games."

Recognition for Austin and Alec

FB Alec Ingold

(On being named the Dolphins Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee) – "To be nominated by your organization, the people you go to work with every single day, it means the world. Similar to that captain sort of recognition, it's the people in the room that see you every day going to work, how you go about it, why you do it. And then at the end of the day, I think it's a great opportunity to share the spotlight with so many causes, so many foundations, so many people, so many community members that are able to make something like this come to life. I think it's very indicative of the hard work that's been going on for the past year and a half that I've been here, two years, and it's really just the start. So I'm really excited for that recognition, that hat tip, and I'm more excited about using it for some good to continue the work down here in South Florida."

OL Austin Jackson

(On signing a new contract extension through the 2026 season) – "For me, I like this organization and I like where we're at right now. I like where the focus is here right now. I think it kind of aligns with what I want to be still as a football player in this league and also further in life. I think everything just kind of aligned up. When I prayed about it and talked to my family, it worked out for me really well."

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