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Five Things: Aaron Brewer 

For an offense that featured six of the NFL's 10-fastest speeds in 2023, it's only fitting that one of the quickest linemen in the game joins the mix.

Aaron Brewer started at guard for the Titans before a move to center in 2023. Turn on the tape and Brewer's sub-five second 40-yard dash time – with an even more impressive 10-split of 1.69 – jumps off the screen.

Here are five things to know about the new man in the middle for Miami.

1. Fast, Fast, Fast

While Aaron Brewer may not put up the same speed numbers that some of Miami's skill players do, a claim to the title of quickest offensive lineman is well within his reach.

Brewer clocked a 4.97 40-yard dash at his Texas State Pro Day in 2018, and his tape is full of punishing downfield blocks. More on that in a moment.

Brewer's athleticism and quick-twitch ability was evident by the rest of his Pro Day drills. He ranks in the 96th percentile among all interior offensive lineman in vertical jump, broad jump, 40 time and 10-split. These numbers gave him a SPARQ athletic score of 97.5 (out of 100).

2. Positional Versatility

Eclipsing 1,000 snaps each of the last two seasons, Brewer's time has been split almost evenly between guard and center. Every snap of the Titans 2023 season was put in play by Brewer, and he started 15 of 17 games at guard in 2022 (the other two also at center).

Brewer spoke about the difference between the two spots, giving us a look inside his quick processing and sharp mind for offensive line play.

"At guard, it's that contact every play," Brewer explained. "When you're out there in the middle, you're kind of assisting people. You've got your big nose guards or whatever, but you're pulling the ball so you're setting the tempo up for everything, so it's a little different."

Brewer made an impression on his teammates that he saw every day in practice.

"When he lines up at center, you get a different look," former Titans defensive tackle Naquan Jones said of Brewer, via The Athletic. "Being so quick off the ball, being so powerful with it, he's not one of those guys you can just bull rush, just because he has a very strong lower body. It forces you to come off the ball and think quick, because he's going to get on you pretty fast."

3. The Tape

Brandon Thorne is an offensive line guru with multiple outlets including OL Masterminds. On display here, the ability to hold up against a player who was listed 15 pounds heavier than Brewer.

When he's not anchoring against the biggest, strongest players in the league, Brewer's game features blocks that simply aren't part of the menu with other players.

Here are some clips of Brewer in the pivot:

4. Tougher than a $2 Steak

Nobody wants a hardened, chewy steak. Everybody wants a gritty offensive lineman. Former Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel likened the two when he compared Aaron Brewer to the dining option.

"He's explosive, he's quick, he's tougher than a $2 steak," Vrabel said. "He understands the angles and trying to get to guys, and understands pad level, technique, and those are a lot of things that he can do that somebody that's bigger can't, just the way that he moves. I just like the way he competes. I like the way that he shows up to work every day and is willing to compete."

5. Through the Echo of the Whistle

"I'm going until I hear the whistle. I'm just trying to be aggressive. I'm headhunting out there, so if I can get my hands on you, I'm on you until I hear the whistle. If we're running downfield, the ball hasn't stopped yet, so I'm on you until then, until the ball passes me. Even when it passes me, I'm still trying to find some more work."

Aaron Brewer didn't mince his words when he was asked during his introductory press conference about his approach to the game. Several clips on his tape show that determination.

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