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Top Quotes | Media Availability - December 1

Miami Dolphins coordinators and select position coaches met with the media today as the team faces off against San Francisco on Sunday, Dec. 4. Check out the top quotes from their media availabilities.


(On how he's seen QB Jimmy Garoppolo grow from his time in New England until now as a veteran QB in this league)
"I can kind of remember (when he was first drafted). So that would have been 2014, I believe, and we opened up with Washington in the preseason. We traveled there. We practiced against them that week. Obviously, I was on the defensive side, but we had some back and forth, where their offense versus our defense, or our offense versus their defense, so obviously you can build a little bit of team camaraderie there, cheering for your team going against another team. I know Jimmy (Garoppolo) had a rough two days in practice and then we went out to – I believe that was his first preseason game, and I mean, he lit it up like he was a gamer. He was always a good teammate. He was very young and eager and willing to learn when he was there. I'm not surprised by anything that Jimmy does in a positive light. So he definitely is – he's a worker. He can make all the throws – he definitely can. That's the thing that I remember, because you're like, 'Oh. What was going on in these first two days?" Then we go out in that preseason game, and he really played well. He really did. Then you're like, 'OK, he's a gamer.' Then obviously, for everybody, whether it's a coach, player, when you first get in you, there's a lot of things for you to learn and do. You can't buy experience … I remember (he was) extremely competitive, and there was a lot for him – that was his rookie year. There was a lot for him to learn. He was learning a whole new offense, play calls, getting guys lined up and stuff, audibles, checks. And he had a guy in front of him that done it for almost 20 years. I think he's pretty impressive. It doesn't surprise me the things that he does in this league. We'll have our hands full this week for sure."


(On what makes the 49ers so difficult to run against)
"Yeah, I think it's the combination of their front. They all kind of know where they're supposed to be and when they're supposed to be there. You'd say that they're a well-built team. They know obviously their system. They built and acquired players for it. They do a really good job. I mean, all across the board, they're very, very good fundamentally. They're very, very good at attacking the football. And they play with high effort and energy. I mean, we practiced with them last year in L.A. when I was with the Chargers, and you could just feel that attacking mentality in practice and they really love to compete. So again, it will be a great challenge for us."


(On if it was comforting to see K Jason Sanders make all of his kicks on Sunday)
"I think the biggest thing for me and I guess for everybody – it was big that he did it on Sunday. Again, the reason that Mike (McDaniel) and myself and the rest of the organization feel good about it is we see every kick he has on Wednesday and we see every kick he has on Friday. And we see what those results are and as we've always said, those results have to transition to Sunday because that's the only thing that truly really matters. But to be able to see what he's been doing during the week to come up and come to fruition on Sunday, it was good to see."


(On what RB Jeff Wilson Jr.'s physical attributes are)
"(Everything). I think what Jeff is, Jeff is a complete football player. He obviously – we've seen him run the ball tough inside, outside, trying to finish downfield. He's able to catch the ball. He's aggressive with it, trying to get yards in the open space. He's trying to be physical in pass protection. He's learning our system really, really rapidly. Obviously, he has some familiarity with it. But I just think overall, this is – he's just one of those guys that you love because he's a complete running back. He wants to do it all. He can do everything you need him to do."


(On QB Tua Tagovailoa's approach every day)
"I think Tua has grown a lot in the time that I've been here and just the communication that we've been able to have, from the day I got here to where he is now and all the things that he has done to prepare. And if you were to ask him, I don't think he was doing the same things in the years previous that he's even doing now. He's done a great job of really just assimilating the things that we've asked him to do, in terms of the preparation that he needs on his own, the time that we spend together, the things that we're looking at. And he's just a different guy in so many different ways. I've just been impressed with the effort that he has put in and the things that he's done to prepare himself on his own away from what we've been asking him to do and coaching him to do."


(On what he's seen from DT Christian Wilkins this season)
"Christian Wilkins is a total pro. I love working with the guy. I think the way he approaches his preparation is the best of anybody I've ever been around and I think football and succeeding in this game is very important to him. And he likes to have fun doing it. I know you guys see a lighter side, but there's a side to him on the practice field, too, that the want to get it right, to not repeat errors. He's been very disruptive and most importantly it's his motor. Running to the football and his teammates, seeing the way he runs to the football, that's important to him. And I think that's a trait in him that he's always had. That's a credit to him and he's gotten better each game and hopefully he can get better like he has each week on Sunday."

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