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Top Quotes | Media Availability - November 11

Miami Dolphins assistant coaches, wide receiver Tyreek Hill and safety Jevon Holland met with the media yesterday as the team faces off against Cleveland on Sunday, Nov. 13. Check out the top quotes from their media availabilities.


(On the addition of LB Bradley Chubb)
"I think obviously we're very excited to have a player of his caliber. I think kind of what he did for us last week was commendable. He flew back from London, flew from the West Coast out here, was able – I think he played like, 54 snaps in the game, if I'm not mistaken. He took a lot of snaps for us. He's still learning some things and nuances. And there's obviously some things that you put him in a situation that you're just kind of relying on him to know and understand from playing the game and kind of how it relates to what we're doing. I think he's getting a better grasp of it. He's an extremely hard worker. Like he's in here early, leaves late. It's important to him. He's a phenomenal person, too. I mean, like, immediately I would say he's a charismatic individual immediately. Guys in the locker room, he just has that that demeanor about him. Love everything about what he's been since he's been here and then obviously we're working very hard to put him in positions that he can succeed."


(On RB Jeff Wilson Jr.'s versatility and what he adds to the offense)
"I mean, that's exactly what he brings – versatility within the offense and an understanding already of it coming from San Francisco. His familiarity with (Head Coach) Mike (McDaniel) and knowing what Mike is going to ask him to do. I think this last Sunday was a good representation of what he's going to bring and not being a one-dimensional back doing one thing – I mean, he's got a broad skillset. It's pretty cool to see him make that catch and then dive in from four yards out to score. Then (he's) just a guy who loves football. You can just feel his energy every day when you're just talking to him. So I think that we're really fortunate that it was able to happen. (We'll) just keep utilizing him for what he can do, and that's a complete back."


(On the punt block returned for a touchdown at Chicago)
"The key is to win the game, and the fact that we were able to win the game and make a play in that – there were some things, we liked some matchups. The players did a great job of executing. Jaelan (Phillips) almost got there too cleanly, almost overran it and then a great job by Andrew Van Ginkel with the scoop and score. (Those are the) things that we work on, and I think more than anything, that's where the feel good part comes from the preparation, the work and then seeing it executed on game day."


(On what FB Alec Ingold has meant to the running back room)
"Well, first of all, I think what he means to the running back room is you see a guy that's focused, that's intensely prepared and really accountable for the entire running back game, room, everything that we're doing with that. I think that's a great message that all those guys take into account with each other. That room is really good that way. I think he's brought a physical component to not only our room but our team too, that guys like seeing. I mean whether it's blocking a linebacker or a defensive end, out in space on guys, we see him really giving great effort and being physical and that's what that position is."


(On how WR Tyreek Hill helps the team even when he's not catching the ball or running fast)
"Yeah, I think if you watch his blocking, you don't see guys leading the league in receiving and blocking the way that he's blocking – the whole room really. We take a lot of pride in that, and he's at the forefront of that. It makes my job a lot easier when your best player in the room is buying in and doing those type of things. It leads to team success."


(On the growth he's seen from CB Kader Kohou)
"He doesn't shy away from contact. He doesn't shy away from any challenge. It doesn't matter if it's Stefon Diggs or no matter who it is, he goes out there and he's going to give it his 100 percent, and that's what we ask from these guys. That's what he's been doing throughout the course, since he's been here. He's the guy that when you give him something and you talk to him about something, he's going to go out there and try to execute it. Challenging at the line of scrimmage is one of the things that we work on, on an everyday basis. He's going to do it. He's nice, thick (and) strong. He missed a game. It really hurt him when he missed those couple of games. So coming back has really helped our depth and as you can see, when it comes to run support, he doesn't shy away from that at all."


(On how much he enjoys seeing his teammates have success on the field)
"It's fun, man. I feel like a guy like Jaylen Waddle doesn't get enough credit for what he truly does, kind of similar like me early on in my career. So just to see him succeed and just to see guys like Tua (Tagovailoa) succeeding in this league and just the whole offensive line doing their thing, man, it makes me smile. I'm just happy to be able to witness it all."

(On his approach to blocking as a wide receiver)
"You've got to be physical, man. I feel like for a smaller guy like me, I really can make my statement and like slow DBs down, whether it's corners or free safeties, if I come down and I'm able to ear-hole them or knock them on the ground. I can use that to my advantage. So for me being able to block those guys, slow those guys down a little bit and just give them a different change of pace, a different tempo is something that I definitely had to add to my game. I've been doing it my whole career, so it's nothing new."


(On the key to finishing close games)
"Honestly, having a peaceful mind. Sometimes you can let emotions get the best of you. It's a big game and you kind of get besides yourself or even the moment itself. It can get too big, but really just kind of staying within your keys, understanding that it's just another down regardless of it's the game to win a Super Bowl or if it's the game to just win one game in the regular season. You've just got to play it for what it is and go out there and execute."

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