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I Said It: Brian Flores Speaks Before First Training Camp Practice

Head Coach Brian Flores addressed the media before the start of training camp practice Thursday. Here were some comments that stood out, along with some perspective:

"I tell them support the Dolphins. We're going to have a tough, smart, disciplined team. We're going to fight to win every week. They'll support us to do that."

— Flores' message to Dolphins fans is a pretty simple one. The idea of "tough, smart, disciplined" is one he brought up more than once during his press conference.

"If you want to be a captain on this team, you have to earn that role."

— There are different methods used by coaches to select team captains, and for Flores it's about finding guys who set a good example for their teammates in every facet.


"He's still on this team. We just don't be seeing as much of him as anticipated."

— Jim Caldwell isn't with the Dolphins after taking a leave of absence to deal with a health issue, and Caldwell's well-being is the first thing Flores mentioned when asked about the veteran coach. Flores said he spoke yesterday with Caldwell, who remains a consultant with the team.


"I don't have a concrete deadline. I think we're in an evaluation process from now and throughout."

— When it comes to the quarterback competition, Flores said everything is fluid and the contestants will be judged by what they do in practice and in preseason games. It's also more important to get the decision right than to get it quickly, so Flores will take his time in the evaluation process.

"He's in great spirits. The way he's handled the situation, it's amazing. It's a testament to Kendrick, his support staff. We'll support Kendrick any way we can."

— This was the first time Flores publicly addressed the auto accident that cost defensive tackle **Kendrick Norton** his left arm and ended his football career, and the coach praised Norton's attitude.

"As a team, we're ready to go. It's a great opportunity for us to grow individually but more importantly as a team."

— After earlier saying on the Dolphins' flagship radio station WQAM that he wasn't nervous about the start of training camp, Flores discussed the mind-set of the entire team.

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