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I Said It: Brian Flores Speaks Monday After Dolphins-Jets

Head Coach Brian Flores addressed the media Monday. Here were some comments that stood out, along with some perspective:

"We wanted to win. We weren't able to get it and we've got to just work harder and really put ourselves in a situation where it's not up to anyone else."

— While he was asked a few different questions about the defensive pass interference penalty in the late stages after the initial call of an incompletion, Flores refused to blame the loss on that. As Flores explained it, the Dolphins had plenty of chances before that call and even after it to come up with plays that would have made the difference in the outcome.

"He stepped in, played every position from a receiver standpoint, got some guys lined up, made some big catches."

— Wide receiver Isaiah Ford was asked to step up and play a bigger role after DeVante Parker and Albert Wilson both left the game to be evaluated for a concussion, and he came through in a big way. Along with catching six passes for 92 yards, Ford impressed Flores with his knowledge of the offense and the formations.

"I think he's improved really each week. This is guy who works extremely hard, really earned those snaps over the last few weeks."

— Rookie linebacker Andrew Van Ginkel recorded his first career sack when he dropped Jets quarterback Sam Darnold in the fourth quarter and played a season-high 35 defensive snaps. Van Ginkel also contributed to a tackle on special teams and Flores has been happy with his development.

"He's a team guy. Whatever we feel is best for the team, he'll jump in there and do. I know he was disappointed, but at the same time he wanted to see us do well and he was ready to go."

— Rookie Michael Deiter saw his streak of consecutive starts came to an end when the Dolphins decided to instead use Keaton Sutherland as the starting left guard against the Jets. Deiter not only had started all previous 12 games for the Dolphins, he had started all 54 games he played at the University of Wisconsin. But Flores said Deiter continued to be a good team player and was ready when he was called into the game Sunday.

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