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I Said It: Gase & Gore

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Here were some of the comments from Head Coach Adam Gase's day-after-the-game press conference Monday that stood out, along with some perspective:

"It was pretty cool to be able to call a game with him finally after all those years."

— Gase spent three seasons with Brock Osweiler in Denver, but Peyton Manning started every game during that time and Osweiler got to throw only 30 passes in mostly mop-up duty. But that time also gave Gase an appreciation for Osweiler's ability to absorb his system, which made a reunion in Miami appealing to both sides. Gase said he liked Osweiler's performance against Chicago on Sunday, particularly the way he remained even-keeled through ups and downs.

Photo gallery: Dolphins vs. Bears full game.

“We were downhill yesterday. That’s Frank’s game.” Frank Gore

 — Veteran Frank Gore had his first 100-yard rushing performance for the Dolphins against Chicago, a performance highlighted by a 32-yard run in overtime. It was classic Gore, who regularly gained yards after contact as he has always done. Gore's performance helped put the Dolphins in better third-down situations, which in turn helped them produce better results in that department as they were 8-for-17 in third-down conversions.

"Anytime we can get him the ball and he just a little bit of space, that's what is a possibility of happening. It might be 6 yards, but it might be 60."

— Gase has always talked about what wide receiver Albert Wilson brings to the offense, which is the type of explosiveness that can turn routine plays into long touchdowns. The Chicago game served as a great example because his 43- and 75-yard touchdowns came on passes of 0 and 4 yards, respectively.

“I’m messed up enough to think that’s what it’s going to be every week.” Adam Gase

— That was Gase's answer when he was asked what he would have thought had someone told him before the game against Chicago that the Dolphins would produce 541 total yards against one of the best defenses in the NFL. This should not have been a surprising answer because Gase always has exhibited a lot of confidence in his offense. Nonetheless, the Dolphins' offensive performance against the Bears clearly was eye-opening.

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