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I Said It: National Media On Grier, Flores & Dolphins


National media members Charles Davis (NFL Network), Daniel Jeremiah (NFL Network) and Albert Breer ( spoke to **** at the scouting combine in Indianapolis and touched on several topics involving the Dolphins. Here were some of their comments that stood out, along with some perspective:

"The best thing you can say about Flo is that he's his own guy."

— Breer said that while Head Coach Brian Flores no doubt was influenced by his time with the New England Patriots, he's also an independent thinker who will have his own way of doing things.

"What you're getting is a guy that worked his way up through the system but understanding when he was actually ready to make a move."

— Davis said that even though Flores experienced success on a regular basis as he worked his way up in New England, he was smart enough to recognize when was the right time for him to take on the challenge of becoming a head coach.

"I think this is a foundational offseason in terms of free agency and the draft, trying to put that foundation in place so you can have sustained success for a long time."

— Jeremiah believes the Dolphins have some good pieces in place at certain spots on the roster, specifically the secondary, but they need to reinforce the offensive and defensive lines. He believes that will be the focus of the offseason for the Dolphins.

"His experience on the personnel side is going to benefit him in a big way."

— Jeremiah reaffirmed his belief that Flores and the Dolphins will benefit greatly from his background in scouting because Flores can look at the big picture instead of focusing — as many coaches do — on trying to get players with only the upcoming season in mind.

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