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I Said It: Stephen Ross & Chris Grier


Here were some of the comments that stood out from the press conference with Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross and General Manager Chris Grier, along with some perspective:

"What you want, what I want, is really sustained winning seasons and having an organization that is used to winning because that's what people in Miami expect, that's what the fans want and the fans deserve."

— Owner Stephen Ross said he was taking a different approach to get the organization where he wants it to be, with the focus shifting now to a long-term approach where sustained success will take precedence over short-term goals.

"Looking forward to the future. I'm excited that Steve has entrusted me to lead the organization."

— GM Chris Grier said it was a bittersweet day because of the moves in the Dolphins front office, but he's ready and excited about the challenge of helping build a consistent winner in Miami.

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"He's earned the respect of everybody within the organization. I've worked with him and watched him grow and I think he is really probably the best person that I could find for this job."

— Owner Stephen Ross explained why Chris Grier was the perfect choice to lead the football operations moving forward. Ross called Grier, who has been with the Dolphins since 2000, one of the most respected people around the NFL.

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"There's good football coaches, pro and college, and I think we're going to investigate every avenue."

— Chris Grier said the search for a new head coach would be exhaustive and that prior NFL head-coaching experience was not a must if a candidate proved himself worthy in other aspects. Grier said the search was to begin immediately after the end of the press conference Monday.

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