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I Said It: Team Begins Prep For Texans


Here were some of the comments from Monday that stood out, along with some perspective:

"Every coach in the league has gone through (this) where guys are going down. You have to figure out a way to make it work and move some things around and put guys in the right position. That's the whole job."

— Head Coach Adam Gase wasn't about to start feeling sorry for himself because of the rash of injuries afflicting the Dolphins. Gase explained this isn't anything he hasn't gone through before and the challenge now, as it's always been in these circumstances, is to put the players who are available in the best possible position to succeed. That's just what Gase plans on doing this week.

"I think things got better yesterday. We grew as an offensive unit. … The more time I can get with those guys, the better we're going to be. That's just a fact."

— Quarterback **Brock Osweiler** was happy with the progress the offense over the past two weeks with him as the starting quarterback, obviously with the understanding that the ultimate measure of success is getting a victory. Osweiler said he could better anticipate what his receivers were going to do against Detroit than the previous week, a normal progression because of the increased practice time with the first group.

"It's a big mental week. It's going to be more mental than anything because you don't have much time to prepare. The more mentally prepared team usually comes out on top."

— Safety **T.J. McDonald** described the challenge of playing in a Thursday night game, pointing out the physical preparation obviously can't be the same as during a normal week.

"I've gotten better over the season. Early on I was trying to do too much. It's only going to get better from here, I can guarantee you that."

— Linebacker **Raekwon McMillan** described his progress through the first seven weeks of the 2018 season, which essentially is his rookie season since he was on IR all of last year. McMillan credited fellow linebacker **Kiko Alonso** for being a great influence and helping him learn the ins and outs of playing linebacker in the NFL. McMillan is expecting big things from himself as he continues to gain experience at the professional level.

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