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I Said It: Victory Tuesday

Here are selected comments from Head Coach Adam Gase's weekly day-after-the-game press conference at the Baptist Health Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University, along with some perspective:


— Gase has liked the players' approach to practice pretty much all season, but the big victory against the Denver Broncos clearly provided a confident boost that carried over to the game against New England on Monday night. The hope now is that the momentum can carry into the game at Buffalo on Sunday and through the last three games of the regular season.


— This was Gase talking about center Mike Pouncey, who has appeared in every game this season after coming back from the hip injury that cut short his 2016 season. As the Dolphins managed Pouncey's practice time in camp and in the first part of the regular season, the hope always was for him to be able to play all 16 games. That he's on track to accomplish that goal not only speaks to the wisdom of the management plan, but also to Pouncey's hard work in doing whatever needed to be done.


"Just mind-set. It doesn't matter. It's 3 1/2 hours. You get a 12-minute break."
— The Dolphins are looking at the possibility of playing in the snow at Buffalo on Sunday, but Gase isn't concerned about it. One thing is for sure, though: If the weather resembles what happened this past Sunday during the Colts-Bills game, the Dolphins likely would have to alter their game plan. Not only was there a blizzard, but heavy winds made it difficult to pass the ball. Either way, don't look for Gase to make any excuses or voice any concerns about the weather.


"I'm sure our defense was happy. Yesterday we finally got a little bit of a lead and they were able to go do what we want them to do, and they put a lot of pressure on them."
— Gase has often pointed out the defense's true ability really comes to the forefront when it can play with a lead, something that hasn't happened often enough in 2017. The Dolphins took care of that issue against New England by scoring on its first drive and later immediately regaining the lead after the Patriots scored a touchdown. The Dolphins got pressure on Tom Brady all night, and that led to an uncharacteristic off night for the New England quarterback.


— Gase saw some good things from wide receiver DeVante Parker against New England, but there also were a couple of drops. One of those came when Parker was looking at the possibility of a big play and didn't focus on securing the catch first. Parker did finish with four catches against New England after having only one reception each of the previous two games, so that was a step in the right direction. But the Dolphins know that Parker has the ability to produce much more, and that would make the offense that much more effective.

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