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I Said It: Wednesday Post-Practice Quotes

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Here were some of the comments from Head Coach Adam Gase and players after practice Wednesday that stood out, along with some perspective:

"Opening week is always tough because there's probably going to be a few things that you have no clue are coming. You've got to adjust quickly."

— The first week of the NFL regular season always is wildly unpredictable, and a big reason is that teams unveil different things (plays, formations) they didn't show in the preseason. It presents a challenge that Head Coach Adam Gase fully understands, though it applies to every team around the league.

"We did everything we could to just get him here. We felt like adding him was going to be a big deal for us."

— Adam Gase clearly is excited about the addition of running back Brandon Bolden, who was signed after being released by the New England Patriots. Bolden is a solid running back who's also built a reputation as a very good special teams player.

"I love working with him. I love how he does everything from the time he gets in the building until the time he leaves."

— Adam Gase has been consistent in his support of Ryan Tannehill, and he points to the quarterback's increased knowledge of the offense and his work ethic as reasons for his confidence.

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— Quarterback Ryan Tannehill never stopped believing during his time away from the game that he eventually would be back on the field for a regular season game, and that day will come Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

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— Ryan Tannehill says the offensive line's ability to communicate quickly up front has helped their ability to pick up twists and games from opposing pass rushers, and that's given him confidence to stand in the pocket knowing he's going to have some time to throw.

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— Center Daniel Kilgore loves the chemistry that's developed among the offensive linemen since they first got together in the spring. Kilgore discussed the open line of communication among the group as one of the reasons for the unit's tightness.

"He's a guy that's been around forever. I can see when he hangs it up, he'll be a coach one day."

— Daniel Kilgore first answered a question about what guard Josh Sitton has brought to the offensive line by joking, "Some good hair. He's got really good hair." Kilgore then got serious and explained that Sitton's experience has become a valuable tool for the guys up front.

"It's time to go out there and show all the preparation that we've put in."

— Rookie tight end Mike Gesicki is ready for the offense to show what it can do in the regular season.

"I'm not out much. I go from here back to my place, back to here, back to my place and a lot of Uber Eats."

— Tight end Mike Gesicki basically shrugged off the notion of getting recognized in public in South Florida, saying he's simply not out in public very much. It's a simple routine that's not uncommon for an NFL rookie on the verge of his first regular season game.

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— Safety Minkah Fitzpatrick had a very matter-of-fact reply when asked about the excitement level in the days leading up to the start of his first NFL regular season approach. It's just the kind of answer you'd expect from Fitzpatrick, who's always been as a serious athlete who's mature beyond his years.

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