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Mailbag: Week 18 Dolphins vs Jets

It all comes down to Sunday. The Dolphins are in a position to qualify for the postseason with a win over arguably their biggest rival, and positive result in a clash between the other two clubs in the division (Buffalo over New England).

Each Thursday, we put out the call for questions on Twitter. We choose three every week to be answered on the mailbag, as well as three for the Drive Time Podcast with Travis Wingfield and three more here on the written mailbag.

Question from @CoachRich_61 – Travis, what are Skylar's strengths? I am excited to see him play again. We've seen Teddy a couple times and I think we can go with Skylar as the 2 next year. Agree?

A: We'll deal with next year when the offseason gets here, but we actually got an answer Friday regarding the first part of your question from Offensive Coordinator Frank Smith.

"His physical and mental toughness," Smith said. "His ability to play within the timing of the play. His fundamentals. Arm strength. A lot of stuff you've seen when he's in there. We just think that for a rookie quarterback, he's displayed so many great traits that we feel very confident about and we're excited to, if he has to play, playing him and then obviously with everyone in the situations they are, we feel confident with the group."

Head Coach Mike McDaniel was pleased with the week of practice.

"Skylar had an outstanding week of practice. He really did," McDaniel said. "Much like preparing for Minnesota, in which I thought that was the game that we had the drive that was like an incredible 90 yards and didn't get points, and we had to punt because of 15 penalties or whatever. Much like Teddy, both of those guys really thrive when they're able to get all the team reps. It was cool to see. I think the guys are pumped."

Question from @ReadyDaunte8 – What's the key matchup outside the two quarterback spots this week?

A: I'm fascinated by Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle vs. Sauce Gardner and D.J. Reed. Waddle is within striking distance of the Mark Clayton's 1,389-yard 1984 season (previously the franchise record before Hill surpassed it), while the two perimeter Jets corners have been the best duo in football, in my opinion.

That said, I think it comes down to the trenches this week. Teams that have had the most success against the Jets have run the ball well. On defense, they've disrupted the timing of the New York passing game. If Miami can achieve both of those on Sunday, then I think the last thing standing in their way to the postseason is the Buffalo-New England result. I'd look for a big game from Christian Wilkins. He's been stellar all year and he tends to bring his best against the Jets.

Question from @HugoFinz13 – Who will we play in the first round if we get into the playoffs?

A: It's going to be either Buffalo or Kansas City. If the Chiefs win Saturday, they'll get the bye and one-seed. If not, and Buffalo wins, it'll be back to Highmark Stadium for the second time this season. Cincinnati's only path to the two seed comes with a Buffalo loss, which obviously eliminates Miami.

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