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Miami Dolphins

Mailbag: Week 4 Dolphins at Bengals

It's a quick turnaround as the Dolphins exit Week 3 as the only remaining unbeaten team in the AFC and enter the primetime lights in Week 4.

Normally, we'll put out the call for your questions each Thursday. Due to the short week, the thread went up Wednesday. We choose three every week to be answered on the mailbag, as well as three for the  Drive Time Podcast with Travis Wingfield and three more here on the written mailbag.

Question from @PaddyPerk*:* In what area do you think Tua has most improved this season?

A: That's a tricky question to answer. One could argue that a lot of the positives being discussed now have always been present. His anticipation, accuracy and ability to make free rushers miss were all strong suits that draft pundits raved about. Yet, he's taken a stride in each of those departments through three games – making strengths stronger.

I would add that he's seeing the field really well. He's excelling at the position between the ears with his decision-making and the Dolphins front office and coaching staff have both done well to surround him with playmakers and a system that maximizes his skill set.

Question from @noahsadork: The Dolphins will be 4-0 Friday morning if…

A: They'll need to be sharp in all areas against a good team like Cincinnati, but if I had to choose one it would be the pass rush. The defense played so hard Sunday and kept coming after Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen despite him turning in some sensational plays. Playing with that effort should help the Miami defense keep the Bengals scoring to a minimum tonight.

Question from @Joey_Edminster: Who's a player you think is doing really well but isn't getting talked about enough?

A: My first thought is to go to the offensive line since they never seem to get enough love. Terron Armstead and Connor Williams have both been fantastic through three games.

My second thought is Emmanuel Ogbah. Nobody wins one-on-one pass rushes off the edge more consistently since 2020 – the year of his arrival – than Ogbah. His run defense and conditioning – 70 snaps played Sunday – often go unnoticed, not to mention his blocked field goal against the Bills.

My third thought is Duke Riley. His coverage and sideline-to-sideline range really stand out when you turn on the tape.

My last thought is that this list could be 30 names long. The Dolphins are winning games in different ways each week and I can't imagine a style of football more fun than that.

For more, check out the Drive Time Podcast with Travis Wingfield, available five days a week on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. The Twitter mailbag thread will go up every Thursday at 8:30 a.m.

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