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Top Quotes | Media Availability - March 22

From their interests off the field to what they're bringing to the team on the field, here are the top quotes from Wednesday's media availabilities.

TE Eric Saubert

(On his relationship with Offensive Coordinator Frank Smith) – "Frank is awesome. I loved working with him in Oakland. I think he's a big component to my development as a tight end, as a person. So, getting to reunite with him – we've kind of stayed in touch throughout the years. Getting to reunite with him is exciting for me. I love working with him and I'm looking forward to that."

S DeShon Elliott

(On why he wanted to join the Dolphins) – "I feel like it was the best thing for me like football wise. The opportunity to play with so many great, great talented guys. You've got Jevon (Holland) over there, you've 'J-Ram' (Jalen Ramsey) over there, you've got Xavien (Howard), Brandon Jones. So I think just being in that DB room is going to be great. Overall, as a whole, I think we'll just be, shoot that's a hard group to stop. Then you've got Bradley (Chubb) on that D-line and Jaelan (Phillips) on D-line, a freaking funny man (Christian Wilkins) on the D-line, you've got Raekwon (Davis) on the D-line so I just feel like – and you've got David (Long Jr.) at linebacker. So, I feel like … How much greater can it get?"

QB Mike White

(On his childhood memories growing up a Dolphins fan and some of his favorite players) – "Yeah, I definitely grew up a big Dolphins fan. We would watch every Sunday. I remember I was still back in college, a Dolphins fan, and they – I think it was 2016 when they made the playoffs and they played the Steelers in the Wild Card round. I remember coming home and watching that with my dad and my family. My favorite players growing up were – there's a lot of them. I obviously loved watching Wes Welker so it was pretty cool to meet him when I signed. There's so many. Big Ronnie Brown fan. Ronnie Brown was my first jersey. I remember when they were running the Wildcat with him. That was pretty cool. I'd probably have to say Ronnie Brown because that was that was my first jersey that I went out and bought."

LB David Long Jr.

(On what stood out to him about the opportunity here) – "I mean, it was a stressful process, the free agency process. I was just hearing a lot of different things and Miami was just the best fit I thought for me and my future. And then as far as like the players, I know a lot of them. A lot of us have the same agent. So I know a lot of those guys for a few years now. And then just the history of the DC (Vic Fangio). He's had one of their top defenses for a while. So it just felt like a great fit. And then when I got down there, it felt like an even better fit."

WR Braxton Berrios

(On his approach to returning kickoffs and punts) – "I guess I take a lot of pride in it. You're right. It's absolutely not for everybody and if you do do it, you have to be fully committed to doing it. And I think that I've been one of the best in the league at it and obviously want to get back to that top spot across the board at it. But I think you might have to have maybe a screw loose or two, to do it and to really enjoy it. (laughter) I don't think there's anything like it and like I said, I take a lot of pride in it because it truly is a third of the game and it can swing a game just like any other interception, touchdown or what have you. So, yeah, there's a huge sense of pride in it and I think after talking to the coaching staff as well, the special teams coordinator; there's going to be a lot of pride in it this year and I'm really excited to help that."

(On how he will fit in with WR Tyreek Hill and WR Jaylen Waddle) – "They're incredible across the board. Obviously, there's no pigeonhole for either one of those guys. They're truly one of the best wide receiver duos in the league and I can't wait to get in that room and just watch and learn from them and hear how they see the game or how they see the route against this coverage and all the variations. So obviously I'm down to do whatever whenever and I've always been that way and maybe, you know, if they take the top off, I'll work across the middle or I'll work outside. I'll really do whatever it takes to win."

P Jake Bailey

(On why he wanted to play for Miami even if scheme isn't always talked about for specialists) – "Same thing kind of fits, too. Danny Crossman is a guy I've always admired from across the sideline. I played against him many times and just a really nice dude. I also know Jason (Sanders) and Blake (Ferguson) really well and they're really nice guys. I'm excited to kind of just start up with them and see how it goes."

OL Dan Feeney

(On his former Jets teammates – QB Mike White and WR Braxton Berrios – joining him with the Dolphins) – "Oh, man, they're awesome. Great locker room guys. Great people to golf with. They're some of my golf partners so we have a good time out there on the course as well. Just good guys. Good guys to put in a locker room. They bring a great energy. They're X's and O's guys, too, so talking ball with them is very fluid and easy. They're just great additions to the team, I believe."

(On how much fun he has off the field and how that translates on the field) – "I think it's contagious. Just being around guys that love having a good time and making work fun, it just makes the locker room better and makes the vibe around the whole entire team better in my eyes because if guys love hanging out with the guys outside of the facility, we're going to bring that same natural energy and camaraderie into the locker room. And I think that'll translate onto the field. Because once you know your teammates, you want to hang out with them outside of the locker room and it just becomes contagious. More and more guys get on board with it and it just becomes a nice atmosphere."

LB Malik Reed

(On reuniting with Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio and LB Bradley Chubb) – "It's going to be awesome. To come in the league and being in Coach Fangio's system, I feel like was huge for me, personally as a player. I learned so much about the game, a lot about the outside linebacker position, to be on the edge, setting the edge or in coverage as well. I'm excited to get back to work with him and my brother Chubb. We had a lot of great times in Denver. That's a guy that was really close to me, and I'm excited to be able to play with him again."

(On being a sneakerhead) – "I always have liked shoes. I feel like growing up, we didn't have the most money and stuff like that growing up. It wasn't like I could go out there and get all of them that I wanted. But there were always some that I feel like I enjoyed. Once I got to college and started to make a little money – the money that we would get each month – I tried to save it up so I could buy me some shoes and stuff. I had to stop because I was spending too much money at first. But once I got in the league, I feel like I started to bring that back and establish the enjoyment of buying sneakers and wearing them, figuring out what outfit you wanted to wear them with and stuff like that. I feel like that's something that's definitely sparked since I've been in the league."

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