AC in the AM: Answering Your Questions

Fresh off a victory over the Broncos and with a rematch against the Patriots up next, let's see what's on your mind these days and I promise no fumbles and no false starts.

Q. Why doesn't Zach Thomas get ANY @ProFootballHOF love? #54 was every bit as good/important to @MiamiDolphins D as Ray Lewis/Brian Urlacher and both those guys stomping into HOF? #FinsUp

AC: I have longed believed that Thomas deserved serious Hall of Fame consideration and I believe that will still happen. Thomas was a special player in so many ways. I understand we are partial because we watched him up close his entire career, but that also gives us the advantage of knowing him well. Urlacher and Lewis were both deserving. But so is an undersized linebacker out of Texas Tech who played with more heart and emotion than any player I have ever covered.

Q. Andy, do you think Drake will start the rest of the season?.

AC: Most definitely. We have seen enough to want to see more. Drake proved against the Broncos than he can handle 20-plus carries a game and while I'm not sure you can expect that many every game, it is clear what Drake brings to this offense and the Dolphins want to try and expand on that over the final month of the season. It certainly bears close watching.

Q.Does Adam Gase want to get Jesse Davis more of a look at RT? And do you think we'll see Isaac Asiata any down the stretch?

AC: I believe tackle is Davis' natural position, but with the injuries on the offensive line right now he can help the team more at guard. Either way, I think Davis is a real find and could be the dose of good fortune moving forward this line has needed. He just has that look of a player who plans on staying around for a while. As for Asiata, I believe he is more of a long-term project who could benefit from another offseason program.

Q. Possible will streak & playoff push IF we somehow beat NE? & where do I listen?

AC: I like the way you're thinking. The way I see it, the Dolphins need to finish at 9-7 to have a realistic playoff shot and that means winning their final four games, starting with the Patriots on Monday night. Can they do it? I've seen it happen before with Dolphins teams less talented than this one. But they'll have to play even better than they did against the Broncos.

Q. What's the next move at LB?

AC: I don't anticipate any more moves this season. As for next season, first they need to get inside linebacker Raekwon McMillan healthy. He was drafted in the second round to be a starter and that remains the hope. I also anticipate that a playmaking outside linebacker will have a prominent spot on their list of offseason needs. The depth at linebacker has been a concern much of this season. That needs to be rectified.

Q.Do u think there will be a lot of changes this off season?

AC: There always are. That's the nature of this league. You don't improve by standing still even if you're an elite team. Based on a sample size of a dozen games, the Dolphins will have all sorts of pressing needs this offseason. But let's see how this season plays out. I thought, for instance, running back was a high priority need and now I want to see what Kenyan Drake does the rest of the season.

Q.Andy do you really think that RT will be good enough instead not draft a "better" QB?

AC: Why does it have to be either Tannehill or a young QB? Why can't it be both? Assuming his rehabilitation continues to go as expected, I believe Tannehill will be this team's starting quarterback next season. But I also believe they should draft a young quarterback. In fact, I believe they should draft one just about every year because of the importance of that position.

Q.What's wrong with Parker? Is it he feels the season is lost? Or does he not want to be a Dolphin anymore?

— Kevin Schloemp (@KSchloemp84) December 4, 2017

AC: I don't think either is true, but I can certainly relate to your frustration. I mean, I can't emphasize enough how impressive Parker looked through the offseason and preseason. But this is when it counts and whether it's a lingering ankle injury or something else, he just hasn't put up the numbers we had expected. But slow down before coming to any final conclusions. Parker is 24 years old. He has all the things you are looking for in a young receiver. Let's see how this season plays out. I know the player I saw in training camp can still emerge. # # #

Q.  Love the win. It was team game. Defense.. special teams running backs wide receivers but why does jay cutler forever keep under throwing Stills and Parker making them comeback for the ball

AC: Some of it is by design like the back shoulder catch made by DeVante Parker for the first touchdown against the Broncos. Other times, it is dictated by coverage. But I do agree with you in general, that Cutler has had a tendency to underthrow his receivers and that's certainly a concern that he must correct.

Q.Is there still any shot that we can still keep these three wideouts together bearing they extend landry so rt17 can show this group is and can be dangerous in 2018

AC: Why not? Parker is still on his rookie contract for another season and Stills is signed long-term. If the team re-signs Kenny Stills this offseason, they'll be back together next season. I went into this season thinking this would be the strength of the team and I still believe it offers that potential.

Q.Is there a realistic advantage we have with TE R. Gronkowski possibly out for Wk. 14? Patriots are 10-0 since 2016 without him in the lineup.

AC: Sure there is an advantage without Gronk. How could there not be? But the statistic you provided is also very telling. Probably has something to do with a guy named Brady. Last I checked he will be in the lineup.

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