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I Said It: Brian Flores Saturday Conference Call

Head Coach Brian Flores spoke to the media via conference call Saturday morning and here were comments that stood out, along with some perspective:

"It's still a competition. All three guys are working hard and they're looking to improve."

— Not surprisingly, one of the first questions during the conference call involved the quarterback position and the battle between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen. Flores indicated he saw good and bad things from both of them. He added that the upcoming week will be a "big week for sure."

"The two young guys inside, the speed of the game is something that was new to them. I think both guys settled down as the game went on."

— Rookies Michael Deiter and Shaq Calhoun both played the entire first half at guard, staying in the game after the other three starters up front — Jesse Davis, Daniel Kilgore and Jordan Mills — were taken out. Deiter admitted after the game he was nervous at the outset but was able to quickly get into the flow of things.

"He wanted to make his presence felt. Again, one good game doesn't make you a superstar."

— Rookie wide receiver Preston Williams stood out with his performance, which consisted of four catches for 97 yards. Flores said he also liked what Williams did when he wasn't thrown the ball, whether it be in the kicking game or the running game. But Flores cautioned against anointing Williams too quickly, reiterating his point that the biggest key to success in the NFL is consistency.

"Practicing against Tampa Bay, it'll be a great opportunity for us to practice against high-level competition."

— The Dolphins will spend a few days in Tampa next week ahead of their preseason game against the Buccaneers, with joint practices scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. Flores likes the idea of breaking up the monotony of training camp by working against different players, and also the challenge it will present.

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