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Mailbag: Week 17 Dolphins at Titans

It's the end of the week and that means it's time to answer your questions! The Dolphins are back on the road to take on the Tennessee Titans, and as we do weekly, we want to hear from you!

We'll dive into three questions posed on the weekly Twitter thread (can be found on the timeline of @WingfieldNFL). We also answer a handful of your questions on the Friday edition of Drive Time with Travis Wingfield, your daily podcast on the Miami Dolphins podcast network.

Q: @zachery_nick - Is there a chance Miami gets a home game in the playoffs? (Asking for a friend with season tickets)

A: The only route to a home playoff game comes from a division title, and the Dolphins are still alive in that department. But just barely. Playoff generators and the FPI index have it at less than a five percent chance and that's largely because of the expectation of the Bills final two games. In order for Miami to leapfrog the Bills, they'd have to beat the Titans and Patriots and get two losses from Buffalo, who is heavily favored in their final two games against the Falcons and Jets.

Q: @Les_is_more_80 - If Dolphins don't make playoffs, should Flo be gone? He starts too slow and only beats bottom feeder teams. Is it time to say enough is enough?

A: I don't agree with your second sentence at all. The Ravens and Patriots are not bottom feeders. Last season, the Rams, Cardinals, 49ers, Raiders, Patriots (do we need to continue) were not bottom feeders. There are no bottom feeders in the NFL, for that matter.

Miami is one win away from a second consecutive winning season. That hasn't happened down here since 2002-2003. This team has developed an identity based on character, discipline, versatility and he has helped build one of the league's best, most-takeaway-prone defenses.

That's before we even crack open the part of this question that focuses on results over process. I have a hard time holding the entirety of the 1-7 start over Flores' head when he was without his starting quarterback for half of those games. In those games, Miami lost in overtime after a pass interference call that was not made and easily could have been and lost two more games on buzzer-beater field goals. Wins are wins and losses are losses, but that's how close Miami is to an 11-4 record and playing for the one seed.

Q: @sobbell_cards - Travis how well do our receivers match up against the Titans secondary? Is Gesicki up for a big workload?

A: It's an interesting matchup because of how aggressive those corners are on the other side. Jackrabbit Jenkins is one of the best bait-and-switch cornerback of the last decade -- he can show one then then take it away. Kristian Fulton is a long, physical press corner while rookie Elijah Molden is one of the feistier nickels in the league.

Jaylen Waddle is a tough ask for anyone. Then it'll depend on matchups for how Miami can utilize the size of DeVante Parker, Mike Gesicki and Mack Hollins. With regards to Gesicki, the Titans have utilized anyone and everyone to cover opposing tight ends, so that bears watching.

The Miami receivers are flexible in how many positions and roles they can fulfill, so the matchups are largely dictated by that pre-snap shifting, motion and alignment. We'll find out how Miami wants to attack it on Sunday.

For more in-depth breakdowns, check out the Thursday edition of Drive Time with Travis Wingfield.

Q: @kdash65 - With Miami being flush with cap room what would your priorities be, between resigning our own players and acquiring new talent! And, who would you target outside our own players?

A: With the regular season still in-swing, it's tough to look ahead to the offseason, but I will say this…the Dolphins are back in a familiar position when the season ends. That position comes with flexibility and options -- that was the key to the restructure, rebuild, retooling, whatever you want to call it, the idea was to maintain flexibility and take advantage of market opportunities.

Under Flores and General Manager Chris Grier, every situation will be assessed and there will be a plan A, plan B, and a plan C for every position group, free agent prospect, in-house re-signing, etc.

To submit questions, keep an eye on the @WingfieldNFL Twitter handle each Thursday when the mailbag thread goes up.

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