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Mailbag: Week 5 Dolphins at Bucs

It's the end of the week and that means it's time to answer your questions! The Dolphins are heading up the 75 for a trip to Tampa Bay and, as we do weekly, we want to hear from you! 

We'll dive into three questions posed on the weekly Twitter thread (can be found on the timeline of @WingfieldNFL). We also answer a handful of your questions on the Friday edition of Drive Time with Travis Wingfield, your daily podcast on the Miami Dolphins podcast network.

Q: @CheezieMcfresh1 - Have coaches indicated why Gaskin only got two carries last game?

A: Both Brian Flores and Eric Studesville have indicated the vision for all three backs is to be flexible in a way that keeps the entire menu of plays available regardless of who's in the game. Last week, Malcolm Brown stepped up with his pass protection work (one pressure in 14 pass blocking snaps per Pro Football Focus). Flores was asked about the running back rotation Friday.

"We talk about that every week based on the gameplan, based on how we plan on what the offensive gameplan is," he said. "So if we want an in-between-the-tackles runner, that could be Myles (Gaskin), that could be Malcolm (Brown), that could be Salvon (Ahmed). So those are the kind of things we talk about – run game, pass game, screen game, etc. And then the game every week plays out a little bit differently. We have a plan going in. We want to get this guy, this guy, this guy. And then however the game unfolds is how we end up having to play. Or we stay on schedule and we play the way we planned on playing."

Q: @fernavarro24 - Travis, is there any chance to turn around the season? And if you think so what points should be fixed for it?

A: There's always an opportunity to change course in this game and in this league. Even the best teams have slumps (Tampa Bay had a 1-3 stretch last season before going on their run). So, while everything for Miami is still right in front of them, they'll have to earn the right to say they've strung some wins together.

As for the solutions, fewer mistakes is the number one thing. Winning in this league is difficult enough. Jumping offsides on a punt, dropping passes, missing open receiver or running lanes, failed tackles…Miami has had more of these occurrences than what we became accustomed to under a Flores-led team.

Finally, Miami could get some reinforcements at key spots in the coming weeks. Flores indicated that Raekwon Davis could return this week -- that's certainly a boon. Then, of course, Tua Tagovailoa's imminent return could hopefully help to rekindle some of the explosiveness we saw throughout camp and the preseason.

Q: @zachery_nick - How's Tua feeling? Is he throwing at all?

A: Flores mentioned in his media availability earlier this week that Tua has in fact begun to throw.

"Tua is doing – I mean he's working to get back as soon as he can," Flores said. "He's starting to throw a little bit. We're just taking this one day at a time. I would say – look, he's getting better every day. I forgot the first part of your question."

Tagovailoa is eligible to return from the injured reserve next week.

If you didn't see your question here, listen to the Drive Time Podcast with Travis Wingfield where John Congemi and myself get your questions every Friday.

To submit questions, keep an eye on the @WingfieldNFL Twitter handle each Thursday when the mailbag thread goes up.

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