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Mailbag: Week 8 Dolphins at Bills

It's the end of the week and that means it's time to answer your questions! The Dolphins are back on the road to face division rival Buffalo, and as we do weekly, we want to hear from you!

We'll dive into three questions posed on the weekly Twitter thread (can be found on the timeline of @WingfieldNFL). We also answer a handful of your questions on the Friday edition of Drive Time with Travis Wingfield, your daily podcast on the Miami Dolphins podcast network.

Q: @qtvoidy - What inspires you to stay motivated during these losing streaks

A: No. 1, I love football. What's better than this sport? More specifically, this team. Plus, every single snap is a chance to learn something about a team, position group or a player, and I don't take that lightly. We get 17 games a year and then this game we all love goes away for six months during a time when we all crave the return of football -- so I'm always intrigued by every game.

Plus, once relationships start to develop with the guys, it becomes even easier to root for them. Take Isaiah Ford's touchdown last Sunday, for instance. Few things on a football field have made me happier than that opening drive touchdown because Isaiah is an incredible person and that smile across his face for the first career score is what sports is all about.

Q: @BillHam12504498 - Travis, this regime came in with a promise/mantra that they wanted to build the team from the O line and D line out. That hasn't happened, how can they be counted on to do anything else if they cannot deliver their core beliefs?

A: I think the players up front have said it best when they've declared it hasn't been good enough and it's time to stop pointing to youth and development as an excuse -- or is it?

Execution remains king, but if you're a fan of Drive Time, this topic has come up a few times this week. So many of Miami's most productive players saw their careers take off, albeit at different stages, beyond their first or even second season. The improvement the last two weeks has been notable and if that continues, you could get the answers soon.

Q: @dolfan_70 - Do we see more Ford and Hollins after last week?

A: I would assume Mack Hollins. Preston Williams had first crack at filling DeVante Parker's absence last week, but after a couple of drops, Hollins was promoted to that role and wound up finishing second among receivers in snaps played (39). Ford played just 19 snaps, and though it's a week-to-week league, Hollins has been a reliable target in his limited action this season. He's catching 70 percent of the targets thrown in his direction with a team-high 14.6 aDOT (average depth of target). He hasn't dropped a pass this season and his 8.4 yards per target is second to Mike Gesicki on the team.

If you didn't see your question here, listen to the Drive Time Podcast with Travis Wingfield where John Congemi and myself get your questions every Friday.

To submit questions, keep an eye on the @WingfieldNFL Twitter handle each Thursday when the mailbag thread goes up.

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