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Top Quotes | Media Availability - August 1

Running back Myles Gaskin, offensive lineman Connor Williams and defensive tackles Zach Sieler and Raekwon Davis all met with the media today as the team held its fifth training camp practice. Check out the top quotes from their media availabilities.


(On Head Coach Mike McDaniel)
"Coach (McDaniel) definitely brings a type of vibe. The whole coaching staff brings a different type of vibe than honestly I'm used to in kind of all the years I've played football, but it's exciting. It's exciting. He's a young dude, and he kind of speaks our language. It's exciting – he relates. He relates to us. I think when you have that, guys just want to play for him. Guys want to make plays for themselves, obviously, and for this team, but also for the coach."

(On the competition in the running back room)
"I'm always excited about competition, and I'm always excited about learning from other guys. I think me and Chase (Edmonds) are kind of built the same. Smaller guys, run the ball kind of similar, so I like kind of watching him play and see how he plays. When we talk and when we come outside, how he talks to me and how I'm talking to him. Raheem (Mostert), he's been in the system before, and he's excelled before. Sony (Michel) has won Super Bowls. So I think that we brought in good guys that I can learn from and everybody can learn from in the room. I think those guys learn from each other and that's what you want. You want a room that everybody wants to get better, everybody wants to compete but is not selfish. That's football."


(On what goes into playing center that people may not think about)
"I'd say it's a completely different game. You're having to help both sides of the line. You're not just stuck on (one) side anymore. It's a more full game, but at the same time, you have to conceptualize the defense and everything to be able to make the right calls. Just playing that new head game and everything. Then like you said with the snaps, once you get the snaps down, it's just a second-hand motion."

(On one-on-one pass rush drills against the defensive line)
"That fine-tunes the craft. It's definitely an environment like that where it's just completely one-on-one and no sideboards or anything. It comes down to technique. That's where you become a technician with the person you're going against and it's good looks for both sides."


(On correcting mistakes after practice)
"Yeah, I think being with (Defensive Line Coach Austin) Clark and just the d-line in general for so many – two or three years now – it's one of those things that as soon as it happens, you kind of know, 'oh shoot, my hand wasn't right in that play or I had a bad step.' So (Christian Wilkins and I) will kind of both will sit there and he'll run off and I'll tell him something and I'll run off and tell him, 'hey man, you messed that up.' And we'll make sure we focus on that after to really try and hone-in on that."

(On the fun energy in the building during training camp)
"Yeah, I think it's a mentality that Coach McDaniel is installing where it's we're here to work and get better every play, but we're having fun when we do it. And making sure we improve and learn every time, but you're not just here just grinding and upset. So just trying to make the atmosphere a good work environment and everyone wants to get better."


(On if he's looking forward to the first padded practice tomorrow) – "Just looking forward to both sides of the ball just making plays. Just making big plays. I know they're going to get a couple good plays. I know I'm going to get a couple good plays. Just making each other better. Just getting better."

(On if he's itching to have more contact when the pads go on) – "Yeah, we've been in the locker room, we've been talking about it. We're itching for it. Tomorrow's that day. It's here."

(On how going up against OL Connor Williams in practice has helped him)
"When Connor got here, he really made me better as a player, quick zoning, the type of blocks they do. I've been so much better ever since he's been here. But yeah, he's a great center. He's great, bro. He's very good. He's been good ever since he's been here."

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