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Top Quotes | Media Availability - August 2

Head coach Mike McDaniel, running back Raheem Mostert, wide receiver Trent Sherfield and linebacker Duke Riley all met with the media today as the team held its sixth training camp practice. Check out the top quotes from their media availabilities.


(On having the team's first padded practice later today)
"So pads are obviously a big deal, it's a big part of football. But one thing that I stress to the team this offseason that I truly believe is that if you practice the right way without pads, it's less significant when they come on. That doesn't mean they're not significant; it minimizes how significant it is. I'm very happy with how we practiced without pads, because we deliberately approach it as though we would have it. You put yourself in position to either block or tackle, obviously, it's not the same and you can't deliver on the force as much. So it is a very valuable thing. I would have been disappointed if I would have really been eager for the pads to come on … The players have really owned how they've practiced without pads, so I'm excited but it's just another step in the process."

(On what he has learned about the 1972 team)
"I remember vividly 11 years before I was in the womb. (laughter) No, who doesn't – you're talking every single year of my life, like clockwork. Chris Berman, ESPN, graphics – they evolved over time, but the champagne bottles pop – it's kind of in the narrative and that's what's unique about that team, is that it carries annual credence when everyone fails to duplicate what they did. So I think it also goes to show that … what one year and one team can do, the ramifications that can have for the rest of your life. That's the thing that's really overwhelming to me is these people are bonded forever. I was talking to Larry (Csonka) about some of his nonverbal communication with some of the people he played with on that team, how that's still present today. It's like the wife look like or whatever. You can talk without talking. And how powerful and cool is that to ever be present in the moment in your life knowing that it's going to have residuals for the rest of it. I think that's something that we should be proud of as a team, that we understand and are proud to be coaching this team when we're celebrating it and to be able to be connected with them in one way, shape or form is a privilege to us that we do not take lightly."

(On what it was like to be out at practice today)
"It's good weather and being out here is fantastic. I'm always going to put a smile on my face. I'm just that type of guy. Once you get to know me, I like to have fun, and I don't put the pressure on myself a lot because with anything in life, when you start to put pressure on yourself, it tends to lead you in a direction where you're not comfortable and you're not being able to perform at the highest levels that you want to or accomplish goals. Me, I just come into the building. I'm thankful to be in the building and go out here and play football like I've been doing for 20-something odd years." 

(On how Coach McDaniel shows people he cares about them)
"Doing the simple things. Being honest, upfront, and real with them. I think that's the biggest thing that you have to account for when being a head coach. Not to bash any other coaches out there, but at the same time, you have to understand that we're players first and then we're fathers and husbands and uncles and all of that good stuff. You have to treat all of the players as men. When you're able to do that, you're going to get a group of guys that want to fight for you. That's what Mike's been able to do thus far. Just showing what he can do. At the same time, we do have games that we have to win as well. That's the most important thing. And if you can get everybody to gel together and win some games, that speaks on the type of coach that he is."

(On his favorite thing about working with QB Tua Tagovailoa)

"I think my favorite thing about working with Tua is his response. I think that's my favorite thing. Tua can go out and he can make a mistake and the very next play, he's out making a much better play – an eye-popping play. I've worked with Tua all summer this offseason and it was great to learn from him. He's a great leader, a great quarterback, and I can't wait to get out there and play with him."

(On having a coach that is player-friendly)
"I think the benefit is honestly you get the trust from the players. I think you get a little more vulnerability from the players. When I say that, I mean the players are able to go to Mike because Mike's door is always open. That's what he always says. We can go to Mike and talk to him about anything. We might want to do this differently or whatever the case may be, Mike is all ears. He's willing to listen. I think that's the benefit of having a coach like that because he wants to listen to the players. He wants to do it the players' way, and also do it his way, but he wants to bring it together and make it a family thing."


(On what he can share with LB Channing Tindall having been in his shoes as a rookie once before)
"I always tell him every single day to make sure you write down everything you hear because at the end of the day, we're getting information that coaches – I love the game so much that one day I may coach it. So I'm getting so much information and I'm getting some of the most elite information from these coaches so I try to write down as much as I hear … Just constantly creating that repetition, and those habits of taking notes and film study and things that coming from college and the NFL, especially in the SEC like Channing was, the game speed is kind of similar. But the anticipation and the knowledge of the game has to go a step up. I think he's doing a good job. I think he has a lot of potential and I love being the guy that helps the younger guys."

(On how he takes notes)
"I have an iPad. I bought an iPad and I have this app that I have every single note that I have taken from 2018 from every single coach. Instead of having it in a paper form, I have it in an iPad form where I can go back to 2018 OTAs, 2018 training camp, 2018 season from the Falcons. I have all of my Philadelphia notes. I have all of my notes from last year from every defensive coordinator I played with and every special teams coach I played with. I can go back and write down and look at everything that they said because I'm writing down the stuff that they've done. That's going to be my edge one day if I want to become a coach one day, if that's the route I want to go."

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