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Top Quotes | Media Availability - August 23

Head coach Mike McDaniel, fullback Alec Ingold, running back Salvon Ahmed, linebacker Melvin Ingram, cornerback Kader Kohou and defensive tackle Zach Sieler all met with the media today as the team held another training camp practice. Check out the top quotes from their media availabilities.


(On how FB Alec Ingold can help the offense and specifically the run game)
"The fullback position in general, is something that I believe does assist a lot of other players, not just his assignment, but how offensive linemen are able to execute their stuff. So I firmly believe in that … My feeling is that Alec (Ingold) will get some time here Saturday, for that very reason. Boom, there we go. (laughter) But it is an asset that not just – that position in particular, ultimately affects really all the positions with how to do their job when you're schematically setting up a play. So it'll be exciting to see him get some joint work without a red jersey which is, by the way, one of the more confusing things – fullbacks and red jerseys (laughter) – but nothing we haven't been able to handle. It's just another obstacle we've had to climb this this offseason. But yeah, I think it will be cool to have him out on the field this week and hopefully everything goes well so that we can see a little bit of him on the game."

(On the value of joint practices)
"Joint practices really, that is my favorite part of the preseason, in general, is when you do get those opportunities to practice against other people. It's such a great opportunity for both sides of the ball to defend against and to run your offense against different techniques, coverages, alignments, assignments, all that stuff. That is what you have to do to be successful in the NFL season, is adjust. So it is really fun. It breaks stuff up. We've been doing this – I feel like I've been meeting you guys in this room for couple months now. Maybe it's been one, but training camp does get monotonous to guys, and so it's a great way to really break stuff up and make sure you keep that competitive nature. Going through the process and before you start preparing for your Week 1 opponent."


(On the possibility of getting his first game action this weekend since he was injured last November)
"It's been a long time coming. I love playing football. As a football player, you love playing football and I've spent way too long in film rooms and on practice fields. It's time to go strap up with these guys, so I'm really excited."

(On how a fullback can help offensive linemen)
"Lineman, they line up and they're in the trenches. You're nose to nose, face to face, facemask to facemask, and they've got those cages on. So they're seeing things quick. As a fullback, I've got five yards to be able to read things, be able to see the defense. I have one of the best seats in the house. So any time there's any late stems, any late rotation, in the backfield we can pick that up and we can adjust. Everyone is going to take responsibility for it but as a fullback, you definitely want to help the guys in front of you and then the guy behind you too."


(On how much he's grown this offseason)
"Just growing up and maturing – maturing in the game. I think you feel that also in life but in the game. You just kind of understand things a little bit more."


(On what he saw from the defense against the Raiders)
"A lot of guys flying around … There's a lot of guys playing complementary football out there, flying around making plays, getting 11 hats to the ball. We did a good job of that."


(On his near interception in the Raiders preseason game)
"My coaches just harped on it the whole week. Leading up to it, he just kept telling me that play was going to happen and I have to make a play on it. I give the credit to all of my coaches for getting me ready for that specific play."

(On moving from the Ivory Coast to the United States as a kid)
"The short story is my dad had just won the lottery and we moved over here. He just wanted a better opportunity for his kids, so we moved out here. That was a way harder transition – not speaking English and not knowing anything about football. But I used sports to make friends. From then on, things stated stacking on top of each other. Learning the language was the biggest barrier though. After I learned the language, it started going along pretty smoothly."


(On if he's prepared for an expanded role this season)
"I think the way we've always prepared as a d-line is be ready for anything. So just like last year and just like this year, it's be ready for is put on your (plate) each week. I'm ready for whatever we plan to do, whatever our gameplan is and just be always ready."

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