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Top Quotes | Media Availability - August 7

Head coach Mike McDaniel, defensive tackle John Jenkins, linebacker Sam Eguavoen, running back Salvon Ahmed, tight end Hunter Long and wide receiver Cedrick Wilson Jr. all met with the media today as the team held its 10th training camp practice. Check out the top quotes from their media availabilities.


(On if he's ever worked with a player like WR Tyreek Hill and how he impacts the locker room)
"Him in particular, his personality, he's one of one. And I think it speaks to how he plays the game. He's a shorter player that doesn't play small and that is his edge. I've had players that have been similar in that manner, just not to that level. But the thing that people really don't realize that is so cool about him, is he's also very, very accountable. He's one of the first people that I can show in team meetings and say, 'hey, this isn't to our standard,' or 'this isn't right,' because 10 times out of 10, ever since we started with him here, when I do that, the next day in the team meeting, I get to show him correcting the mistake. And it kind of sets the tone that you're conditioned as an athlete to want to be – I mean everybody wants to be good at something – but you're conditioned that a coaching point, 'dang it, he had to correct me.' And that's not the case. The coaching point is like, hey, the player and the coach getting together to communicate something to make you better and he really, from the beginning, helped me set that tone with the players because I could say, 'hey, this isn't good enough, this is awesome,' and either way, I have their best interest at heart when I'm trying to communicate something. So he does that with his assignments and he's the guy that I can be hard on on his route depths and he's the guy I can be hard on blocking. And every single time he puts it on tape that he not only heard the coaching point, but it was important enough to fix it immediately, which is an example that is huge for all players, young and veterans alike."

(On if he had a moment where he stopped in his tracks meeting someone since he became head coach of the Dolphins)
"Yeah, Dan Marino. (laughter) … It's something I've witnessed from afar, so I was kind of prepared, but you're never prepared for it. But as a head coach, people randomly come across your path a little bit more, which is an extremely humbling experience and emotionally very confusing because like, Dan Marino, I was born in '83, so I grew up and I really liked him, really respected his game. His sack record blows my mind, but he was also passing for 5,000 when that would be like today's 6,000. But him in particular, I was a Broncos fan so my whole childhood I was saying (John) Elway was better than Dan Marino. Now magically, I've reversed course. (laughter) But it's part of the territory and you just do your best to try to live up to their expectations and not fumble words out of your mouth and be coherent."


(On how he's able to be so effective in one-on-one drills)
"Me personally, I would love to give you a good answer on that, but I'm just bigger than a lot of those guys. (laughter) I just get the good lean and then it's over with afterwards. I try to work on things I'm not good at. You can only push a guy for so long so many times in a full game. I try to work on things I may be able to use in a game, like catch them off guard with a swipe move or a dominant rip of some sort, and then try to do a little something on top of that. If I get that good lean, that good push, it's over with afterwards."

(On how he balances mentorship with relating to guys that are much younger than him)
"Listening. Listening. I was fortunate enough to have some good vets when I first came into the league. 'T Armstead' (Terron Armstead) is here. (Thomas) Morstead. Those two guys I was with in New Orleans. When me and Armstead got into the league, I had Jonathan Vilma, Kenyon Coleman, Jabari Greer and all of those guys. Rest in Peace Will Smith. I had all of those guys who were champions and led by example. One thing they did – even though they made us do a lot of stuff – they listened to us. I think having a young group that wants to be better, that wants to do good, you can see with their work ethic. So now for us old heads, we have to listen to how they go about things and how they react to things and how they approach a lot of things. Then once we understand their angle, we can guide them on the right path. As you see when you are here, you see these guys actually busting their behinds and it's competitive both back and forth. It's an up and down flow – offense, defense, offense, defense. I enjoy that. I like that. I think that's one of the things being a vet is being able to listen to the locker room, being able to listen to the guys individually, and being able to help them find a solution to get better, and want to do good and stay on a positive direction."


(On where he feels his game has grown the most with the competition he's faced in his career)
"Always competition. That's just how I grew up. I was competing with my brother, and now I'm competing with my brothers in here. I embrace competition. I hype up the guys in front of me, I hype up the guys behind me, but I'm always comfortable. I'm always comfortable with my back against the wall. I get nervous when it isn't against the wall. Just like you're going to a bar, you always get to the back wall so you can see everything. So, I'm comfortable and I embrace competition."


(On what the competitive vibe has been like in the running back room)
"We all want each other to succeed. So it's no – you go out there, be competitive, you make the most out of your opportunities, but no one is wishing down on nobody. Everybody wants everybody to go out there and be successful. I think it's already a really close group, so we help each other whenever we can."

(On how important joint practices and preseason games are)
"It's just cool to go against some different competition and see where everything is at. Just kind of see where we're at as a team, as well. I'm excited about it. We get to go out there and practice against some really good competition, as we all know, and go out there and see what we can do on Saturday."


(On his outlook for his second NFL season)
"I think I've grown a lot. Obviously rookie year, you have a lot of stuff coming at you, moving to a new place, trying to get your life set up along with trying to perform on the field. I feel a lot more at peace this year off the field, so it's allowed me to focus a lot more on the field and just process things faster and play faster, so it's been really good."

(On the positive mindset around the building)
"Yeah, it just motivates everyone. The body follows the mind and obviously we're in the dog days of camp and that can get to you, but they say the body follows the mind so if we stay positive and keep moving and keep attacking every day, then we'll move a lot further along than if we came in dragging and just trying to get through it."


(On what he enjoys about the offense)
"The versatility. You have to study at the game but at the same time, you have to be able to go out there and execute what they're asking you (to do). He brings energy before we even step out on the field and you've got to love a coach like that."

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