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Top Quotes | Media Availability - July 27

Head coach Mike McDaniel, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, cornerback Xavien Howard, tackle Terron Armstead, running back Raheem Mostert, linebacker Jaelan Phillips, defensive tackle Christian Wilkins and fullback Alec Ingold all met with the media today as the team held its first training camp practice. Check out the top quotes from their media availabilities.


(On the energy in the building today)
"There's always energy in the National Football League collectively … This group in particular, I was very excited about how they came back in terms of the mission-oriented, day-to-day operation and getting better, but a thirst and a competitiveness. They're fully understanding how much they owe their teammates, the organization, the fans and they're owning it.

(On what he wants training camp to look like)
"There's a common denominator with teams that I've been on that have been very successful. It's not that things don't get hard. It's not that there's not adversity. It's not that everything goes well. It's a diligent approach to each and every day and teammates recognizing, invariably, Day 1 – juiced, Day 2 – juiced. They're evolving. What organically evolves within the team is that peer – I don't want to say pressure but more like accountability – where there are going to be some guys that don't have the juice on next Tuesday. The vision that I have for the Dolphins and the team that we're building through the summer and into the preseason is that teammates take responsibility for the energy. When somebody is down, the standard and the demand to bring them up is very present. So, that – it's a long process, but the good teams embrace that."

(On the foundation set during the offseason program)
"I think it set a really good foundation. It helped that a lot of the guys showed up to our OTAs. We got to really work on things that out here probably wouldn't look as good if guys didn't come out to OTAs. A lot of the timing, just figuring out the offense and a lot of the intricacies and details that Mike (McDaniel) wants us to work on and understand. We got to do that throughout this offseason and we're looking forward to all of that showing throughout this training camp and the season."

(On the leadership he has seen from WR Tyreek Hill)
"I think all of the guys picked up on something little from every person that has come through the building with us. Tyreek is not one to think he knows it all. Guys that are way younger than him, he takes advice from them and he asks them questions, and I think that's cool. He creates that atmosphere for every receiver in the room that you're never too good to not take coaching from even your guys."


(On Mike McDaniel's positivity)
"He's always been positive. That's one thing I see from Mike McDaniel is being positive and bringing that energy. That's what it's all about, especially from a head coach. When you see it from a head coach, it trickles down."

(On the growth shown by CB Noah Igbinoghene and CB Trill Williams)
"It shows that they're growing and improving. That's what it's all about, especially in the cornerback room. Making plays on the ball and improving each day."


(On how it felt to be back on the field today)
"It felt great, man, being back out playing football – the game we love, the game we enjoy. It felt real good just getting in the rhythm, getting the play call, getting up to the ball and then just trying to execute as fast as we can."

(On helping improve the offensive line)
"It all starts in practice. It all starts with us putting the work in. We will improve. That's no doubt about it. I have zero doubts about that. We'll be better in a lot of areas and it'll never get to a place of perfection, but that's the goal. We're always striving to be perfect. But we're going to have bad plays. We're going to have mishaps. That's part of the game. But trying to have that built-in response of try to control and impose our will day-in and day-out."


(On returning to the practice field today)
"It felt great, honestly. First and foremost, I have to thank the man upstairs for giving me the opportunity to touch the field again. It's one of those things where coming back from a major knee injury, you have some doubt in your mind as an athlete. But at the same time, it's also one of those things where you have to go out there and you have to put on not only for yourself, but for your family, for the organization. Just being back out there, man, it just felt great."


(On what it's like to play with LB Melvin Ingram)
"Mel is someone I've been watching for a long time, ever since I was in high school, really. He is a great leader. He's been mentoring me some, taking me under his wing. I'm really grateful to have him on the team, for sure."


(On what he's seen from Mike McDaniel)
"The most impressive thing is he's the same guy every day. He loves what he does. He brings that same energy every day. Same demeanor, same mindset and it's infectious and it's contagious and it's nice to be around so that's been the biggest thing I've noticed about him."


(On how important it was for him to be out there practicing to open training camp)
"I think it's massive. I think anytime you join a new organization, a new team, you want to show that you're going to work hard, you're going to do the little things right, be detailed and just kind of start with that right foot forward. That's all you're trying to do. A lot of things had to happen, man – from the surgery, to the support staff, to this whole transition. I'm very grateful for all of it."

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