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I Said It: Brian Flores, Team Working On Wednesday

Head Coach Brian Flores spoke to the media before practice at the Baptist Health Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University on Wednesday. Here were some comments that stood out, along with some perspective:

"They're two guys I know very well that I trust. They had all the qualities that I like to be good coordinators."

— Offensive coordinator Chad O'Shea and defensive coordinator Patrick Graham joined Flores after he was hired as Dolphins Head Coach, and Flores said he was looking forward to growing with both of them.

"If we tackle better, that'll go a long way for us."

— Among the areas where Flores is hoping to see progress Sunday is the tackling on defense, which he mentioned as being at the forefront when it comes to run defense along with communication.

"Everything's been considered. We've got to be better."

— Flores was asked point blank whether he was contemplating lineup changes, and he made it clear the plan is to do whatever is necessary for the Dolphins to put together a strong performance in Week 2.

"A big thing in coaching, to me it's about relationships. I try to build relationships. I think that's important."

— Flores explained one of his basic philosophies when it comes to coaching, and it was something he had mentioned before. Flores also repeated that it applies to pretty much every single person inside the Dolphins facility.

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