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Top News: On to the Jets

The all-time series between the Dolphins and Jets is deadlocked at 55 wins apiece (with one tie). While none of those previous 111 meetings have any bearing on the outcome Sunday, the droves of Dolphins fans that will be in the stands at MetLife Stadium will surely embrace the opportunity to pull ahead in the all-time series.

Here's a look at some of the quotes of the week heading into game day:

Jerome Baker on the Jets - "They are actually a great team. They've beat some great teams. They play very hard. They have some great backs. They've been banged up, but you can't fall asleep on them. They've beat some great teams. They play physical, they play hard and that's what we have to expect. We're going up there and essentially going into their home and taking a win from them so you've got to expect they're going to give us their all and we've got to go up there and be prepared for that. They are a physical team. They're fast. They definitely have size and I think the one thing you can always say is they play hard and it's definitely going to be a challenge for us."

Xavien Howard and facing Joe Flacco - "We faced him last year. He's a veteran quarterback and I feel like he's been in the league a long time so he knows what's coming to him and stuff like that. I'm sure he's seen what we did Thursday night so I'm sure they're preparing for that. He's a veteran quarterback so he's seen a lot of football. There's nothing that I think will surprise him that we come at him with."

Durham Smythe on the Jets front-seven - "I think their entire front four and really their front seven is one of the strengths of their entire team. They are pretty talented across the board – good players really in every position. I think when you face a front like that, it's going to be a total offensive effort. You've got to keep those guys guessing. What are we going to do on this play? What are we going to on that play? It'll be a nice challenge and I think like I said, with that being a strength of their team in general, it'll be kind of up to us to set the tone from that perspective."

Brandon Jones on playing with Howard and Byron Jones - "It's a great position to be in, obviously. It's a lot of pressure when you don't catch balls in practice and stuff and 'X' (Xavien Howard) and Byron make you do about 100 pushups a day, which is always fun. It gets you right. And for me, it helps me blitz. It gets me stronger and stuff like that. It's really cool seeing them and having them, being able to pick their ears. They've been in the league for a while, so they know how to approach things on and off the field when it comes to a routine and how to take that next step in being a pro."

Jaelan Phillips on flying to the ball- "That's the first thing is you have to get phenomenal effort. It's a life decision is what the coaches always say. There are a lot of things you can't control in this game, but one thing you can control is your effort. For me, I've always hung my hat ever since high school really, on being a guy who is going to give my all, going to give 100 percent effort and going to be chasing after the ball. It's important to get 11 guys to the ball. You never want to have guys out of the picture at the end of the snap. It's definitely something that is important to us and we're going to keep doing."

Mack Hollins on the joy of playing special teams/gunner - "I think touchdowns are great. Everybody loves a touchdown because it helps the team win. But I think special teams guys don't get a chance to have fun and celebrate. That's a big play to down the ball on the one. You don't know any defensive player in the history of the game that's upset about going out there and playing (against the) offense on the 1-yard line. There's not too much the offense can do. I think special teams guys – if I could be the guy that gets other guys celebrating, I'll do it because I think it's a big play in the game and it changes the momentum of the game."

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