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Top News: Tua Back, Howard and Parker Out, the Trip to London

Week 6 is here and the Dolphins are overseas for a spotlight game bright and early Sunday morning. The entire nation will see Dolphins and Jaguars in front of a sold out Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in north London.

Returning in time for this matchup is quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Brian Flores, at his Friday media availability, said the plan is for Tagovailoa to return from the injured reserve and start his first game since Week 2.

"We're excited to have Tua back, there's no doubt about that". Flores said. "There's 53 guys on the team. Like I mentioned earlier, 48 will play on game day so it's never one person."

Not among the 48 players who will be available for Flores are cornerback Xavien Howard and wide receiver DeVante Parker. It will be the first game Howard missed since 2019 and the second straight game Miami will be without Parker.

The Dolphins are 7-4 in games started by Tagovailoa. He led Miami to a 6-3 mark after taking the reins on the job in Week 8 of 2020 and guided the Dolphins to their lone win of 2021. Tagovailoa said he feels good and is happy to be with the team.

"I don't think it necessarily takes one person to change the outcome of a game," Tagovailoa said. "The way I kind of look at it, is we all 11 have to go out there and do our jobs individually but collectively, if that makes sense, in order for the play to be successful. We have to string all of those good plays and keep stringing them together I think in order for us to be successful."

Earlier this week, other Dolphins players discussed their excitement to play a game overseas.

Raekwon Davis - "I've been out of the country before. I've never been to London, though. It's going to be a great experience for me. I hope my allergies don't mess with me."

Jevon Holland - "I'm excited to go to London. Never been in my life. I'm from another country so being in new places excites me, but I'm excited to just go out there and play really. It's a completely different environment. New type of fans, so it's a whole new experience. But just like coming to the NFL, I'm looking to step into the 'London light' apparently."

Brian Flores coached one game in Napoli, Italy when his career was first starting out. He detailed that experience earlier in the week.

"I don't know how many of you guys know this but my first coaching job – or coach, it wasn't even a job – was with a club team in Italy," Flores explained. "Guys were smoking cigarettes at halftime. (laughter) it's a little different from what I'm dealing with now but it was a great experience for me and something I will cherish my entire life. Coaching for the Napoli Briganti in Naples, Italy. So that was fun. That was a personal experience of mine and I think our guys are going to have a similar experience going out to London and doing something that is very different than what they've done before."

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