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I Said It: Brian Flores, Players React To Dolphins-Bills

Here were some of the postgame comments that stood out after the Dolphins' 31-21 loss against the Buffalo Bills, along with some perspective:

"I thought he played well. I thought we moved the ball well offensively."

— Head Coach Brian Flores was pleased with the performance of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who had a rushing touchdown and a passing touchdown against the Bills. Fitzpatrick was particularly impressive in the first half and he made things happen with his scrambling.

"We've gotten significantly better from day one to now and we've got to continue on that trend. We haven't won a game, but at the same time we're making strides."

— Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said he's seen consistent progress from the team as the players get to know each other better with each passing week.

"I just ran right behind some white jerseys and put my head down."

— Punter Matt Haack had a pretty simple take on his run for a first down after he took a snap as the field goal holder in the third quarter. Haack's 2-yard run on fourth-and-1 gave the Dolphins a first-and-goal at the 2-yard line and put them in great position to add to their 14-9 lead. Unfortunately, things took a bad turn from the Dolphins from that point on, starting with a 10-yard loss on first down and an interception on second down. But that one particularly play by Haack showed some aggressiveness by the Dolphins coaching staff and the special teams were able to pull off the play.

"I was extremely selfish. This is the ultimate team sport. It's not just about me. I don't know that I've ever been this disappointed in myself."

— Rookie Christian Wilkins issued a mea culpa after the game for his ejection early in the first quarter. Wilkins repeated that he understood the kind of mistake he made that left the Dolphins short-handed along the defensive line.

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