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I Said It: Brian Flores Talks About Final Preseason Game

Head Coach Brian Flores spoke to the media before practice at the Baptist Health Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University on Monday. Here were some comments that stood out, along with some perspective:

"Good players, productive players and guys who fit what we're trying to do, we're going to try to keep around."

— With NFL teams needing to get their rosters down to 53 players by Saturday at 4 p.m. ET, there will be several big-name players throughout the league on the move this week. Flores made it clear that the Dolphins' focus will be on keeping players who can help the team win.

"The communication between those two, they have a great rapport. I'm looking forward to working with both guys."

Reshad Jones and Bobby McCain are listed as the starting safeties on the depth chart, and they have a little less than two weeks to continue working together to get ready for the start of the regular season against Baltimore after Jones returned to practice Monday.

"Get better. It's a great opportunity for young players, all players actually."

— Three days before the Dolphins conclude their preseason schedule with a game at New Orleans, Flores addressed his philosophy when it comes to the final preseason game. Flores explained it's one final chance for young players "on the fringe" to make it more difficult for the organization to not keep them around.

"We're looking for leadership from Laremy. He's a guy who has that capability. I think he's trending in that direction."

— Tackle Laremy Tunsil has spoken a couple of times this summer about his desire to become more of a leader, and Flores says he has seen positive signs in that direction. Flores added that he'd like to see leadership from every player on the field.

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