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I Said It: Coordinators Patrick Graham, Chad O'Shea Address Media Tuesday

Offensive coordinator Chad O'Shea and defensive coordinator Patrick Graham both addressed the media Tuesday. Here were some comments that stood out, along with some perspective:

"There were some positives from the game last week that we can build on. The fundamentals, we're seeing some improvement in that and we've just got to keep going with that."

— The Dolphins continue to make steady progress on defense, particularly in basic areas like tackling and avoiding penalties. Graham is confident that trend will continue upward.

"The heat is going to come from the guys on the field. The main goal is to affect the quarterback and it starts with me."

— The Dolphins are looking to generate more pressure on the quarterback, though Graham says that doesn't necessarily mean only getting sacks. The idea is for the pass rush to disrupt the timing of the opposing passing game or rush the throw or even just making contact with the quarterback as he's releasing the ball.

"To run the ball in the red zone is something we will pride ourselves on."

— The Dolphins ran the ball on three consecutive downs after getting a first-and-goal from the Dallas 8-yard line late in the first quarter, and O'Shea said that was pre-planned. He said one of the goals on offense is to have some balance in the red zone and not always rely on the passing game. Unfortunately for the Dolphins in this instance, they had to settle for a field goal after Kalen Ballage was stopped for no gain and second and third down after gaining 5 yards on first down.

"He prepares and is ready to have a role on offense at any time. I have a lot of confidence in him and if he does get an opportunity, I'm sure he'll do very well."

— Rookie running back Patrick Laird has been active the past two games, though his playing time has been limited to special teams. O'Shea said the numbers at running back have made it difficult to get Laird on the field on offense but that he's ready to contribute if the game plan calls for it.

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