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Michigan Linebackers Rave About New Dolphins Assistant Coach

INDIANAPOLIS — University of Michigan linebacker Khaleke Hudson said he owed a debt of gratitude to his college position coach for being able to earn an invitation to the 2020 NFL scouting combine.

That position coach is new Dolphins assistant Anthony Campanile, and Hudson said that was a great addition to the Miami coaching staff.

"They're getting one of the best coaches in America," Hudson said at the combine Thursday. "I really feel like that's my favorite coach my whole career. I feel like he got me so much better. He took my game to the next level. He just taught me so many things on the football perspective of things and just living life as a man in general and just being about your family and stuff like that. They got a great coach, a coach who's going to care about his players and a coach who's going to be good for the organization."

Hudson is one of the Michigan linebackers at the combine, along with Josh Uche, who also had nothing but positive things to say about Campanile.

"Just a really good person," Uche said. "He coaches the game the way it's supposed to be coached. Cares about his guys. He's a great person and I love him to death."

Both Hudson and Uche described Campanile's coaching style as straightforward and to the point.

"He's in your face and he's going to hold you to high expectations," Uche said. "And whenever you're not meeting them, he's going to make sure you know you're not meeting his expectations and keep pushing you until you get back up to that level. He coaches the game the way it's supposed to be coached. Passionate, aggressively and relentlessly."

Said Hudson: "He's aggressive. He cares about you. He's going to tell you when you're doing stuff right. He's going to tell you when you're doing stuff wrong. He's just a great coach for me; he's going to be a great coach for everybody else."

Hudson, who played the "Viper" linebacker/safety position at Michigan, led the Wolverines in tackles in 2019 with 101. Uche led the team in sacks with 7.5, including three against Illinois.

It's clear that Campanile made a big impact on both Hudson and Uche, on and off the field.

"That's one of the best coaches I came in contact with," Uche said. "It'd be a blessing wherever I go, but definitely me and his relationship is going to be strong no matter what happens, no matter where I am."

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