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Video Games and Tiger King, How Dolphins Players are Sheltering in Place

The world as we know it was flipped upside down last month as we all accept our new reality. This pandemic doesn't discriminate. Celebrities and average Joes alike are working under the same parameters – stay home so we can save lives.

We caught up with several of your Miami Dolphins to find out how they are passing the time during this critical period in our existence. From Tiger King to pop-up gyms in the garage, here's how your Miami Dolphins are sheltering in place.

Eric Rowe

Q: How are you and the family dealing with the quarantine?

A: I'm dealing with it just like how everyone else is dealing with it. Staying at home, doing in-home workouts just trying to find weird activities to kill some time."

Q: What kind of weird activities?

A: "I made a Tik Tok account. Me and my wife like to do some stuff on there.

Q: Have you and your wife executed the Drake 'flip the switch' meme?

A: "No, not yet. I keep bringing up ideas up to her but she tells me to slow down. I don't have anything else to do!"

Q: What's been your go-to thing to get through the quarantine?

A: "I just got back into playing Xbox. Playing Call of Duty with my friends online. My wife and I are watching the show Suits. It has nine seasons and we're just knocking it out, binging it out."

Q: Have you seen Tiger King?

A: "At first I thought it was like National Geographic documentary. To me, it looks like Carole Baskin did it. It could be one-sided but it looks like she had something to do with it."

Jakeem Grant

Q: What's been the MVP for getting Jakeem Grant through the quarantine?

A: "Mostly tuned into a lot of Netflix. Watching Tiger King, I'm deep in it right now. A lot of gaming, Call of Duty, NBA 2k. A ton of kid time. I pray that school goes back to session so my kids can go back to school. If they stay at home for another week, I'm probably going bald!"

Q: Who's the MVP on your Call of Duty squad with DeVante Parker and Preston Williams?

A: "Oh, me, of course. Me without a doubt. You can ask DeVante and Preston. I carry the whole team no matter the game – Call of Duty, NBA 2k. I'm a big gamer. A lot of people want me to start streaming and Twitching so I might start doing that for the fans, but I'm a big gamer. I've got my own game room set up. No kids allowed. Just me and occasionally my dogs."

Preston Williams

Q: How are you passing the time in quarantine?

A: "I bought a set of weights and a weight bench for my garage. I've just been staying in shape, that's the most important thing."

Q: Besides working out, what's been the MVP of Preston Williams' quarantine?

A: "I live stream every day on Twitch. Playing Call of Duty. I play a little bit of the sports games – Madden – but mostly Call of Duty."

Q: Are you playing video games with any of your teammates?

A: "I've been playing with DeVante and Jakeem. Everybody is pretty reliable, everybody holds their own. DeVante is a king. They do what they have to do, I do what I have to do, so we win a lot of games."

Q: If there was one guy on the Dolphins that would be running into walls, shooting into the corner, who would that be?:

A: "Fitzpatrick."

Q: He needs to get his kids to teach him how to play!

A: "Yeah! He's on daddy duties, out here eating cake with the seven birthdays!"

Q: What have you been watching on TV/streaming services?

A: "Tiger King, I know pretty much everyone's watching that. Some old movies – Shrek, 40-year-old Virgin, all the Will Ferrell movies."

Michael Deiter

Q: How are you passing the time in quarantine?

A: "Doing as much as I can outdoors. Fishing when I can, walking around doing some coyote hunting, working out."

Q: How does the fishing in South Florida compare to the Midwest?

A: "It's pretty unreal in Florida. The access to fishing is pretty sweet. You can do a lot more types of fishing and it's pretty fun."

Q: What are you doing to stay entertained when you can't get out in the great outdoors?

A: "I'm playing Xbox. I'm either playing Xbox or watching YouTube videos. I watch a lot of hunting series. There's this series called The Hunting Public. They don't do any private land hunts, so the hunting they do is hard."

Q: Have you see Tiger King?:

A: "I'm not watching Tiger King because I feel like I've learned enough just from the internet. I haven't seen it, but I should watch it.

Bobby McCain

Q: How are you and the family doing during the quarantine?

A: "It's going well. Just staying in the house trying to stay positive. I'm working out, working up a sweat, getting out running. I bought a bike."

Q: When it comes to relaxing, how do you pass the time?

A: "Watching some Ozark, that's really good. All American. My homie told me I need to start watching Money Heist, so I'll start watching that this week. And I'm playing a lot of Fortnite."

Q: Do you play with Jakeem, Preston and those guys?:

A: "No they play a lot of NBA 2k. I'll be on the Fortnight though. You can catch me on there."

Q: Have you seen Tiger King?

A: "I haven't seen it. Everybody keeps telling me I need to watch it, so I'll be sure to tune in."

Matt Haack

Q: How are you handling the quarantine?

A: "A lot of guys around the league are getting creative, a lot of guys have an at-home gym, but I don't have that personally. I've been working out on my balcony trying to get a sweat going with the kettle bells and resistance bands."

Q: What are you doing besides working out to pass the time?

A: "Workouts get me out of the apartment, but outside of that I have a dog. Me and my girlfriend take the dog for a walk all the time now. My girlfriend's been great. She's a nurse and she's been battling that thing head on. It's been cool to be there and support her like she does for me during football season."

Q What shows are you watching?

A: "We're big Netflix people. We've seen Tiger King, the things everyone's watching. All American. We're running out of things to do. It hasn't been one thing but a combination of everything is keeping us good."

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