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I Said It: Brian Flores Breaks Down Dolphins-Bills On Monday

Head Coach Brian Flores addressed the media Monday. Here were some comments that stood out, along with some perspective:

"If you're a Dolphins fan, you want see Mark Walton get the football a little bit more."

— Running back Mark Walton continues to get more opportunities on offense and he continues to make the most of them. Walton got his most playing time against Buffalo on Sunday and turned in another solid performance.

"Those a lot of times they come in bunches. I think we just need to get one."

— Creating turnovers continues to be an issue for the Dolphins defense, but Flores said again Monday that it just takes one to get the ball rolling in that aspect.

"I see progress. I see improvement. We've got a group of guys who are tough. They're motivated and they don't quit. I like this group."

— Flores is as disappointed as anybody about the lack of results on Sundays for the Dolphins, but his focus is on the improvement the team has shown through the early part of the regular season. The Dolphins clearly have gotten better with each passing week, and that's certainly cause for optimism moving forward.

"I saw someone that it's very important to him to put it in the end zone and score. At times a quarterback has to do that."

— QB Ryan Fitzpatrick didn't shy away from contact when he came face to face with safety Micah Hyde on his touchdown scramble late in the fourth quarter. Flores liked the aggressiveness that Fitzpatrick demonstrated on that play, saying it can become contagious because quarterback is a leadership position.

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