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I Said It: Brian Flores Monday After Redskins Game

Head Coach Brian Flores addressed the media Monday. Here were some comments that stood out, along with some perspective:

"We stay the course, we'll continue with our process, which I think has been better."

— The message that Flores has preached to his players has been consistent throughout the season, but he admitted there will be a wrinkle this week. That wrinkle is making sure his players can quickly put behind the disappointment of a heartbreaking loss.

"He's done a good job. You never want to just pull a guy for one bad game."

— After the game against Washington, Flores said Josh Rosen would remain the starting quarterback and he explained Monday that he doesn't want one sub-par performance to overshadow the strides Rosen has made since joining the team in late April.

"We had a play that we liked. We just didn't execute it."

— The Dolphins missed the chance to win against Washington when their two-point conversion attempt failed after Kenyan Drake dropped a pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick, though it appeared the Redskins were in position to stop it even had there been a completion. Flores said the issue was the execution of the play that doomed the Dolphins, not the call itself.

"I know the group played better as the game went on, but we still need more consistency."

— The offensive line got off to a difficult start against Washington, but as Flores pointed out the Redskins do have a very good defensive line. The play up front certainly got better in the second half, and that played a role in the Dolphins being able to get things going on offense.

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